Seven Sins

Let’s write about it today,
The sins that no one would want;
And yet, it is there in us,
Unintentionally, we do make a bond.

First comes the pride,
A little bit is fine;
But too much can cause,
To kill any relation’s shine.

The next comes the envy,
Which causes you to hate;
And you are never satisfied,
Because you want what others have.

Third is gluttony,
Which makes you slow;
Just eating all the time,
Will never let you glow.

Lust is another one,
Which comes with creepiness;
Drowning so beneath,
That you lose your manliness.

The next one comes any time,
Depending on your character;
Whether you are at office or party,
Anger can be the worst director.

Now you want money,
However much isn’t enough;
Greed has encased your heart,
It doesn’t let you donate, or love.

As the name suggests,
Sloth will come at the last;
Even if it’s a feet or two,
Like a koala you are fast.

So these are the seven sins,
That each of us have;
Depending whether little or more,
Defines how we behave.


The self titled monster

#poem #monster #self #confidence #fear #grow #pride

What is the self titled monster,

or rather who?

Is it the dreams you have,

or the money you show?

Is it the greed in your mind,

or the curiosity in your eyes?

Is it the dive for the prey,

or the longing when you pray?

Who is the self titled monster,

is it you? Or it’s the fear within you?

You call yourself a monster sometimes,

but what did you do?

– Siddarth


Ask Questions and Share

#thoughts #questions #ask #share #information #pride #people #society

Why? You ask? 😛

Well, you know. You get information when you ask.

You ask google so many questions, so many times in a single day, and yet you hesitate to ask half of that many questions to an actual person? Why is that? I agree that technology does help us out a lot and it might be a better solution for smaller questions like ‘How far is the moon from Earth’, historical facts, and more.

But can you ask google how to solve a problem you have? Maybe a life crisis? You will just end up getting articles/posts from different people preaching about life, but all those articles/posts are for the general crowd. And they can’t understand your specific situation, your particular problem.

Take the simplest of examples: Some of the college students hesitate to ask a question to the professor, and end up searching for solutions or the correct method on google or books. That’s a fine approach, but don’t you think if you just ask your professor he might be able to help you more quickly and even provide you an easier way to remember it. Maybe just think of how many souls you might be helping who don’t have the confidence to ask and are also stuck in the same problem.

At the same time, you need to limit your questions and not ask every single thing, else you will just come out to be dumb and irritating.

Another thing is, the person whom you ask the question feels happy and proud.

Just imagine the situation where your younger sibling asks you a question in one of the school subjects. Or when your parents ask you to help them out in using one of the gadgets. How do you feel then? Don’t you feel a bit of pride when you know that you know the solution to this. You feel happy that you know the solution and that you can share/teach someone else.

I suppose having a sense of pride is innate in every single human being. We all want to be acknowledged by others, and what better way but others themselves asking questions from us.

That’s all I can say. Feel free to add your thoughts to this! 🙂