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So, almost in a week or two, I will make a new blog where I will blog about the news article that I post on this website everyday. Any suggestions on what should be the name for it? 😀

And it will be just the quotes, stories, poems, and other such stuff on this website.

Her blog is pretty amazing!

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Embrace that river. Master the height. Save a soul from dying! ☺ Thank you for reading. Never let the words fall short! ☺

via Save me.  — Sweta Ojha

Franz Kafka

God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them.


Everything that is there, will someday fade away. And everything that fades away, will someday come back again.

That’s the truth we know.


When you talk to someone, at that moment you are giving them as much importance as yourself.


What are you sulking about?! Don’t you understand that nothing will change until you make the change, and nothing will fall until you don’t have the capability to get up!

Waqt (movie)

Whatever you will get, it will be from the present. Neither will it be from the future nor from the past.

Bleach (Gin Ichimaru)

To grasp another person’s heart and to control their future actions is rather easy, just unveil their past. By doing so you limit their choices and make it easy to predict their next moves. Jealousy, Hate, Disgrace, Shame, we are endlessly harassed by days long gone and our supposedly bright future is wasted in cleaning up the mistakes of our foolish pasts.