Discipline Equals Freedom

Book Review: Discipline Equals Freedom

Wake up. Plan. Just do it. – These are the words that come to your mind after reading this book. It is an aggressive but motivating book aimed at bringing out the best of you.

Many of us keep pondering over what we want to do, and some who do know – they keep planning for it. It is just useless unless the activities that you thought of are executed. People can think of high dreams but they only realize the intensity of effort needed when they start taking action.

During those days of action, all of us face the dilemma of not moving forward to the goal, not seeing any results. So what you do? Most of us – Give up. NO. That shouldn’t be. Always be persistent and keep at it whether you like it or not. And slowly and steadily, you will reach your goal.

If you need some serious motivation to get up and work, especially work out, then this is the book for you! It also includes a set of exercises, with equipment’s and stretching techniques, which some people might find useful.

Lastly as Mr. Jocko Willink has written:

Don’t just talk.
Don’t just think.
Don’t just dream.
No. None of that matters.
The only thing that matters is that you actually do.


The moment you were born,
You let out a shriek;
Wondering what kind of world,
Have you landed on your feet.

The moment you walked,
You fell down again;
And thought, “It’s all a trap”,
Letting out a shriek again.

The moment you said ‘mom’,
All eyes were filled with tears;
And here in your mind,
Was the question, “What have I done?”

The moment you went to school,
You were so puzzled;
As you hadn’t seen so many,
Of the kind just like yours.

The moment you hit puberty,
You imagined something and whispered, “ah”;
But you opened your eyes and found,
Your co-passenger saying “Naah”.

The moment you kissed a girl,
She asked you to brush your teeth;
And then you smelled your breath,
And realized it was the last night’s vodka reek.

The moment you went to college,
You found your roommate half naked;
Thinking it could have been worse,
You started collecting the napkins on your bed.

The moment you started your job,
You were astonished to find the world’s way;
Saying, “This is totally different from college”,
You started smoking cigarette in the day.

The moment you got married,
Your mind shouted, “What have you done?!”;
For there won’t be any late night parties,
And your heart will be caged within.

The moment you had a baby,
You thought if you were like that;
Ever stinking and smiling,
You didn’t know what emotion to feel within.

The moment you got retired,
You thought, “Finally I can travel”;
But looking at your bank account,
You decided to watch television.

The moments finally were over,
And there you lay peacefully;
Waiting to be taken to heaven or hell,
As after this life, I would choose any.


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