Earn: Reality

It is a strange thing, earning I mean,
You earn different things as you grow;
As a baby it is different than as a man,
I wonder, what does life want to show.

When you are born, you are held,
You are embraced and pampered;
You earn the love of everyone,
During your tears or your happiness.

As you grow up, you earn trust,
Be it the trust of your friends;
Or the trust of your teachers,
And also the people you live with.

When you get a job, you earn more,
Especially earning money is the charm;
The more you have, the more fun it is,
After all, luxury can’t be bought without it all.

As you learn working, and the real world,
You earn the most common thing;
What you earn is experience from everything,
So mark it and never dismiss it as a trash job.

As you work more, you earn respect,
And mind you, it is not just the work;
But being sincere and perseverance gets it,
Else everybody had earned this lot.

As you grow older, you earn comfort,
It is time for you to relax;
Let those kids and grand kids handle it,
You did a good job earning it all.

In the end, you earn the righteous peace,
The salvation that is for all of us;
Here comes the cycle of life and death,
Probably sending us again to repeat the fuss.


The fake reality

When I look in your eyes,
All I can find is pride;
Even though you talk about love,
Why does it feel like a lie.

You help the needy,
Although it is rare;
Is it to support them,
Or just a publicity fair.

Then you visit temples,
To pray to the Gods;
And of course to,
Gain some religious votes.

You work so hard,
That’s what you show;
But at the end here,
You want the money flow.

There are so many,
Who are similar to you;
They talk about love,
But actually love are few.

As they criticize the road,
They blame the government;
At the same time they spit,
Right at its center.

Then they hate, and abuse,
The government and its work;
While forgetting in the process,
They were the ones who chose.

This world is filled with,
Such double faced people;
Who say something nice,
But mean to cripple.

And so, do you still think,
We are heading right;
The world, as it is now,
Won’t lead to a massive fight.


When you were a child.

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He ran across the room, still panting heavily. His clothes were beginning to show wet areas because of the perspiration. Looking at it again, he gasped and opened the door with a jerk.

As soon as the door opened, he was out. He didn’t dare to look back because in his mind he still new it was still following him. The made his way across the hallway, reached the stairs and jumped through four-five stair steps in a single lunge.

He reached the bottom in a mere four steps, and stared up. It was coming, taking one stair step at a time, but at such incredible speed that made it look like he could reach the bottom in just one go.

There is no time to stop. Run. His body moved on its own towards the front door of the house. It was dark since the lights were turned off. He thought about his other family members but figured that since it was just following him, they should be safe in the house.

He reached the front door within seconds and pulled the handle to open the elaborately decorated silver piece of metal. It was heavy, he had always let the butler do tasks like that.

It’s at times like these when we realize the value of butlers. Or rather the actual strength of our own hands. Nevermind that. Run!

He was out of the house, out of the perimeter wall but he was still afraid. I need to keep going, it will catch up to me.

So he kept running, one block was left behind, then another went by. His legs had started hurting, he knew he couldn’t keep up with this fiasco. He slowed down. It was almost morning. Probably will be seeing some garbage trucks hauling garbage.

He just though that when he could see a bright light right infront of him. It was just a meter away. What?!

He looked down and realized that he had been slowing down, and now was standing on a crosswalk even though the traffic lights appeared green. And the garbage truck didn’t appear to slow down. Oh well. This is how I see a garbage truck. What is that idiot driver doing? Is he drunk? Too late for anything.

The lights flashed infront of his eyes, and then there was…water. What…the…f…?

He opened his eyes. It was 7:30 am in the morning and he could hear his mother screaming at him. She had a glass of water, which was empty. And his face appeared to be wet. Oh. wow. well.

He didn’t know how to react. Perhaps I shouldn’t have seen that weird movie that late in the night. What was the name again… The garbage truck and the undead lady…eh. Something along those lines.

He looked at his mother in awe, his mouth open and his eyes on the verge of tears. He got up, and hugged his mother tightly.

His mother replied, “How sweet. Still, that won’t let me allow you to skip school today.”


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