Earn: Reality

It is a strange thing, earning I mean, You earn different things as you grow; As a baby it is different than as a man, I wonder, what does life want to show. When you are born, you are held, You are embraced and pampered; You earn the love of everyone, During your tears or … Continue reading Earn: Reality

The fake reality

When I look in your eyes, All I can find is pride; Even though you talk about love, Why does it feel like a lie. You help the needy, Although it is rare; Is it to support them, Or just a publicity fair. Then you visit temples, To pray to the Gods; And of course … Continue reading The fake reality

Zig Ziglar

#morning #motivation #life #dreams #reality #Action #ZigZiglar #quoteoftheday The distance between dreams and reality is called Action.

When you were a child.

#ShortStory #drama #reality #child He ran across the room, still panting heavily. His clothes were beginning to show wet areas because of the perspiration. Looking at it again, he gasped and opened the door with a jerk. As soon as the door opened, he was out. He didn't dare to look back because in his … Continue reading When you were a child.