China on India’s record of sending 104 satellites

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The Chinese government had previously described India’s Mars orbiter mission as The Pride of Asia and had said that it would be keen to work more closely with India on space projects.

However, on Thursday, also mentioned that “the space race is not mainly about the number of satellites at one go. It’s fair to say the significance of this achievement is limited. In this regard, Indian scientists know more than the Indian public, who are encouraged by media reports.”

It also added that it was “a hard-won achievement for India to reach current space technology level with a relatively small investment.” and also pointed out that the US Space budget in 2013 was $39.3 billion, China $6.1 billion, Russia $5.3 billion, Japan $3.6 billion and India $1.2 billion.

It also mentioned that “as a hierarchical society, India has both world-class elite and a largest number of poor people. Many lessons can be drawn from India. As a rising power, it has done a good job. It is ambitious but pragmatic, preferring to compare with others as an incentive to progress.”

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(Also, PLEASE beware of the articles that might highlight all the negative points mentioned in the article rather than the positive ones. Some media sources just want to heighten the curiosity and there readership, even if it means hiding or bending the actual facts.)