What are you afraid of?
Is it the people walking on the streets,
Or the chef cooking your meal;
Is it every person armed with a gun,
Or the child hiding behind his mum.

Just what are you afraid of?
Is it the people coming in hordes,
Or that the employment rate might fall;
Is it because we have different religions,
Or is it because of its effect on legions.

Just what is it?
Is it because there isn’t a health plan,
Or that there isn’t a plan for wall;
Is it that not every table has a coke button,
Or that you can’t reach them with those hands.

I might know what it is!
Is it because you haven’t felt it,
The wish of a better life?
Or is it because you never wished it,
A country where every religion could survive.


Journalism student beaten and then shot in Pakistan

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A lynch mob beat a 23-year old journalism student in Pakistan, shot him and still continued to hit the lifeless body of the boy with sticks.

The incident happened in Abdul Wali Khan University in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, where a group of students murdered the 23-year old Mashal Khan, a student at the University’s journalism department. The reason being, that Mashal Khan had been accused of running Facebook pages which allegedly published blasphemous content, however there has been no concrete proof of such yet.

Around 59 students were arrested for being suspected of involved in the lynching, and the University has been temporarily shut down.

One of Mashal Khan’s professor said Mashal was brilliant and inquisitive, always complaining about the political system of the country, but I never heard him saying anything controversial against the religion.

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I can’t believe this. Those are university students who punched and kicked another student, shot him to death and even kept at their behavior with his lifeless body. This is a shame for all the students of the concerned university. What exactly is being taught there.

Polygamy is not a religious practice

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The Indian Government told the Supreme Court of India that Polygamy is not a religious practice, rather a social custom or usage which the State can interfere. Such a practice disregards the fundamental right for any women.

Historically, Polygamy prevailed across communities for several centuries including the ancient Greeks and Romans, Hindus, Jews and Zoroastrians. It had less to do with religion and more to do with social norms at the time. In fact, in the Holy Quran, practice of Polygamy in pre-Islamic society was regulated and restricted so as to treat women better.

The government also mentioned that as Polygomy is a social custom, the Article 25 in the Constitution of India does not protect it. (Article 25 refers to barring the State from interfering with someone’s religious belief.)

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This is an amazing step forward for the Indian government and for the Women living in India! 😀

Triple Talaq!?

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I don’t know what world have I been living in, but apparently in Indian Muslims they follow a dogma called Triple Talaq. They believe it’s written in the Holy Quran that you can divorce a woman by just saying the word “talaq” three times to the woman at any moment. They are then free to marry anyone else, and no one cares if they pay alimony to the first wife or not.

This can’t be true right? I mean the news portrays the whole definition more or less as mentioned above.

In that regards tell me, Is the integrity and respect for a religion considered above than the integrity and respect for a person?

Apparent hate crime in Melbourne ‘church’ against Indian priest

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A 72-year old, Indian Catholic priest was attacked while leading the Sunday mass in a Melbourne church. The priest was stabbed in the neck just moments before he was about to say the 11a.m. mass at the church.

It is believed that the offender, Rev Tomy Kalathoor Mathew (48), told the priest that because he was Indian, he must be a hindu or a muslim and therefore can’t be saying mass.

Currently, the priest is recovering from a non life-threatening injury.

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Companies can ban employees from wearing religious accessories

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European companies can ban employees from wearing religious or political symbols including the Islamic headscarf.

Although this might be strange and too professional for a workplace to ban all employees from wearing “any political, philosophical or religious sign”, I do not understand the reason to raise statements such as “companies can ban employees from wearing headscarves.” Please understand that the statement is valid for all employees, regardless of their religion or dressing, and is not a way of discriminating people. EU, as a whole, is promoting it’s own culture at workplace. (Then again, different people might see this news in different light)

In 2003, Samira Achbita, a Muslim, was employed by G4S security services as a receptionist. The company had an “unwritten rule” that employees should not wear any political, religious or philosophical symbols at work.

Samira told G4S that she wanted to wear the Islamic headscarf but wasn’t allowed to. Consequently, the unwritten rule was converted into a formal ban and was valid for all employees. Samira went to court claiming discrimination.

However, considering that G4S has a ban on all the employees, regardless of their religion, the case cannot be held true and ECJ ruled in the favor of G4S.

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#ImmigrationBan #Muslim #Religion #Terrorism #Trump #USA

Today, we have a fight against Muslims.

Do we have a fight against Muslims?

So is every Muslim a terrorist?

Do you know which of these are Muslims:

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz (Host of The Dr Oz Show)
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Fareed Zakaria (Hosts his own show on CNN)
  • Ellen Burstyn (An Emmy winning actress)
  • Aasif Mandvi (Actor and Comedian)
  • Akon (You know him, cmmon!)
  • Dave Chappelle (Comedian)
  • Ice Cube (Rapper and ‘Law and Order SVU’ star)
  • T-Pain (Rapper)
  • Muhammad Ali (Boxing Champion)
  • Zayn Malik (Singer)

Stop with the immigration ban. That is not the right way to fight terrorism. That is more like running away from the real problem.


Business Insider

CBS News

Donald Trump “I’ve proven to be right”

President-elect Donald Trump called the attacks in Berlin and Ankara as “Terrible” on Wednesday. He also said that, “All along, I’ve been proven to be right. 100% correct. What’s happening is disgraceful.”

Trump has mentioned during one of his election campaigns that he would be willing to issue a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States as a means of fighting terrorism. However after attracting widespread criticism, he had later rephrased the statement to temporarily suspending immigration from regions deemed as exporting terrorism and where safe vetting cannot be ensured.

Trump also mentioned that he has not talked to President Barack Obama since the Berlin and Ankara attacks. Trump has been critical of Obama because of his reluctance to clearly name Islamist militancy as a threat. Read the full article here.