Debraj Ray in a 2010 research paper

This is a nice way to tell about the tunnel effect. #TunnelEffect #Frustration #DebrajRay #research #world You're in a multi-lane tunnel, all lanes in the same direction, and you're caught in a serious traffic jam," wrote Ray. "After a while, the cars in the other lane begin to move. Do you feel better or worse? … Continue reading Debraj Ray in a 2010 research paper

Time Crystals

#research #timecrystals #physics #quantumtheory #ChristopherMonroe Last Year Christopher Monroe decided to try creating a time crystal. Initially when Nobel prize winning physicist Frank Wilczek proposed the concept in 2012, other researchers proved that there was no way to create such a thing. Time Crystals are hypothetical structures that pulse without requiring any energy - like … Continue reading Time Crystals

Faster and efficient computers?

#research #technology #computers #UK #microfluidics Researchers form the University of Exeter in the UK have developed an innovative new method to engineer computer chips more easily and cheaper than conventional methods. Optoelectronic materials, devices that produce, detect and control light, that form an integral part of the next generation of renewable energy, security and defense … Continue reading Faster and efficient computers?

First-ever Space Technology research institutes (STRI)!

#NASA #STRI #Research #Space #Institute #Technology NASA has taken steps for the creation of two multi-disciplinary, university-led research institutes. The aim of these institutes will be to focus on the development of technologies critical to extending human presence deeper into our solar system. Each of the STRI will be receiving an amount of $15 million … Continue reading First-ever Space Technology research institutes (STRI)!

Convert heat into electricity!

Previously researchers from Ohio State University in the US pioneered the use of a quantum mechanical effect to convert heat into electricity. Now, they have figured out how to make their technique work in a form more suitable to industry. The researchers used magnetism on a composite of nickel and platinum to amplify the voltage … Continue reading Convert heat into electricity!