Respect, No?

In a country like ours,
Whom do we respect;
Do we even see how,
Or what are our behaviors effect.

We ride through the lights,
Thinking that it is “cool”;
Abusing the traffic laws,
And calling who follow it, a ‘fool’.

We spit on the roads,
Or throw the trash on it;
Not thinking that it’s our country,
And we should make it lit.

We don’t care about our police,
Or, for that matter, even our military;
Not even appreciating them as they pass,
Oh, we only criticize them as they bury.

We don’t care about our politics,
Nor for the politicians we care about;
Looking at the corruption and damages,
We gave up hope and the voice to shout.

When did we stop caring about places,
Even the places we ourselves live;
We pollute our own air and rivers,
And then comment how polluted it is.

We give way if it’s the car of a politician,
But we don’t care about an ambulance;
Because, of course, the power of politics,
Is more significant than the critical person’s glance.

We are scared to help anyone,
Leaving them to fight their own battles;
But doing such has raised the crime rate,
These wolves often catch the people, the cattle.

We have stopped respecting each other,
Or anyone in this diverse country;
We blame different religions for mistake,
But don’t even follow our own religion.

What does the future hold in a place like this,
Is it bright or this is going to get worse;
How will the people change in this country,
Will they spread happiness or will they curse?


A Soldier’s battle

The soldier says, Now I am going,
From where a few return;
With a pistol and a rifle,
And above us the sun wildly burns.

As I pass through the towns,
The people’s faces are filled with doubts;
They smile and wave at each of us,
And yet those eyes cry as we head south.

Sitting at the back of the truck,

I wonder, what is yet to come;
Will it be good, will it be bad,
The hands shake while holding the gun.

As we reach, the heart stops still,

The breath is taken away by the wind;
What will happen if I die,
Let me just have a sip or a pint.

Now in the field it is rather quiet,

No guns, no bullets, just the howl;
Everyone is in position to attack,
Yet they all need strength in their bowl.

Suddenly there is a light, red in color,

It flies through the sky in inverted fashion;
We realize that the positions have been seen,
Now, do we back or start the action.

But we mount up and walk,

Firing all the bullets through those holes;
One shot here, one shot there,
Bodies fall apart, leaving just souls.

Something happened and it was black,

The sound of the battle suddenly disappeared;
I remembered the people I was with,
The team, the family with which I was paired.

Someone came to help me up,

I still couldn’t hear the noise;
It was a peaceful time for my ears,
While the scene was horror for my eyes.

Tears couldn’t be held back at such times,

Yet it’s a soldiers duty to not shed any;
Because this battle is just not for his team,
But it is for those soulless many.

Having been taking back to the camp,

I don’t know what is going out there;
But I could still say with all my heart,
I would lay down this life for the people here.

So respect a soldier when you see next,

Even though there is smile in the face;
Every heart beat they have,
They pray for the country from within.-Siddarth

An Inner voice?

He started, “I want to do something new. Something different.”

The inner voice replied, “Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something that makes me popular and gain respect. I want to be able to help people and create something.”

“What do you want to create?”

“I know I am not that great in any field that I will be able to innovate stuff, but I do want to create something. I want to be more involved in Arts. I can reach out to people that way, maybe even influence them.”

“Why Arts? Why not business? You can reach out to people through business also.”

“I can. I know if I put my mind to it, I can. But business is not what I want. I want to be able to do something at my time, I don’t want it to have a fixed recipe for everyday, go to office, work and then come home.”

“And you can get a better ‘recipe‘ for everyday doing Arts?”

“I think so.”

“Okay, let’s assume you are given the opportunity to be in Arts, then what will you do? and how will you pay?”

“The first few months will be very tough, as I will have to learn everything from the bottom to the top. I will have to go to the gym and train hard, play tennis, and so much more. Earning won’t be easy and I will have to do something else part-time too.”

“What exactly do you want to do in Arts?”

“I want to become a Model, and then an Actor. I like reading books, so I will keep doing that. I will also start writing. I will blogĀ  news articles, quotes and Stories. And although this is in the Sports field, I also want to become an Olympic runner for my country.”

“But that will require a lot of training.”

“Yes. I know. That is why I play tennis and go to the gym everyday. My goal is to train physically for at least 3 – 4 hours in a day.”

“And that will be okay?”

“In the beginning yes, till my body becomes used to it. After that, If needed, I will train for more hours.”

“So you say, Model, Actor, Reading, Writing, Blogging, Running. Is that all?”

“Yes that is all for now. Oh yes, academically, I am learning programming. As they say, in today’s world, Programming is as important as alphabets.

“Are you sure you will be able to do so much?”

“Well. I think.

Don’t think. Just give me a Yes or No.”


“How will you manage all that?”

I did schedule what things should be done for how long in a day. If I follow this, then I am sure results could be seen just within half a year.”

“Oh? What is the schedule?

“Its not exactly a schedule, really. It’s more like a list of things I need to do for how long.”

“Sounds to me like a schedule. Anyway, tell me.”

“3-4 hours Exercise, 0.5-1 hour Reading, 0.5-1 hour Writing, 1-1.5 hour Blogging, 3-4 hours Programming, rest of the time Business or Sleep.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad. 1 year then?”

1 year.