#motivation #confusion #life #wondering #opportunities #path #rightorwrong

So, have you ever wondered whats going to happen? Or you wonder at times what might your future be like?

That is the same situation I am in right now. I feel a bit hesitant about my future, if what I think my path is, is the correct one or not. What if it is wrong?

In such situations we often forget to think about “What if the path I am choosing is right?”. We think about the wrong but not about the right. Because we are afraid that we will be at loss if we take the wrong choice, however if we don’t take any choice then we won’t have to lose anything, even if that means not gaining anything.

I must say, that is the philosophy of an idiot. A person who stands still is the biggest ‘nobody’, while a person who fails has a new experience and knows a new way of not doing that certain thing.

Discover a brighter side and a more enthusiastic side of you, then the lazy boring one. Move on.

I suppose I should not hesitate then. Move on. Move Forward.

You should too.