Re-Thinking Life: Values

We live this wonderfully built life,
That goes on every single day;
As we ask for more and try,
Our heart gives out a silent roar.

The first thing to remember Joy,
Or happiness as some might call;
Be sure to never put this on risk,
As it is the most important of all.

Next comes kindness,
Or being helpful to others;
Being polite when needed,
Treating everyone like brothers.

Then it is generosity,
Whatever you earn today;
Make sure to save a part of it,
To spend on charity someday.

The fourth one is that of effort,
Be sure to try your best;
Whether it is for a test or a project,
Giving it your all in any fest.

Never sell yourself short,
Whoever the other person is;
We are all born human in this world,
And you are also someone’s bliss.

Always be thankful to others,
That is, try to show gratitude;
For you know, the way you treat them,
Towards you, changes their attitude.

The seventh and golden one,
You already know more about it;
Money is also a part of your life,
Something that you collect bit by bit.

One of the best fact is that,
It is just a single decision,
That can completely turn life around,
So move on, and don’t be down.

That’s the basics about life,
Of course there is much more;
But till you have these in mind,
You won’t have worry at your core.


What you should learn…

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It’s not right to live the life by the rules of others.

You will eventually face criticism and make your own rules. Better, you just start by that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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It is impossible to be a maverick or a true original if you’re too well behaved and don’t want to break the rules. You have to think out of the box.