Donald Trump tweets about London Mayor Sadiq Khan

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London Mayor, Mr. Sadiq Khan, is one of the most prominent Muslim politicians in Europe, and since the group of terrorists killed seven people on London bridge Saturday night, Trump has kept at his hobby of tweeting about the Mayor and the incident.

According to Trump’s tweet, he mentioned At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terrorist and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’ While on a completely different note, the London Mayor had asked the residents to ‘not be alarmed by an increased police presence in the coming days.’

Such tweets by President Trump comes when London is still struggling to get back on it’s feet after the violent, and horrific terrorist attack on Saturday. Mr. Sadiq Khan also tried to explain that the belief of a few Muslim individuals who plot such devious attacks, is not the same as that of the 1.6 billion Muslims residing in the world or the teachings of Islam.

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Mr. Trump acts like a middle school bully, who thrives on speaking about others when he doesn’t get his way (The travel ban that is). Or someone might compare him to an old housewife, who due to a lack of entertainment in his life has taken upon himself to criticize every little information on a certain topic.

UK terror attack, Trump’s son criticizes London’s mayor Sadiq Khan

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Four people and the attacker were killed, while 40 others were injured in a shocking attack on the iconic Westminster Bridge in London. The attacker used a car to run down several pedestrians, killing four people and leaving many more with severe injuries. The driver then rammed the car into the Parliament fence and fatally stabbed a police officer as he tried to enter the building. The attacker was shot dead by the cops when he tried to enter the building.

Among the injured were French high school students, two Romanian tourists, five South Korean visitors, police officers and a woman who jumped in the Thames river to avoid the car.

The police confirmed that there was only one attacker, however they are still looking for any possible leads.

Leaders from all over the world, including Trump from US, Mrs. Angela Merkel from Germany, Mr. Justin Trudeau from Canada, Mr. Narendra Modi from India, Mr. Francois Hollande from France and many more expressed their sadness for the incident and extended their full support to Britain.

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Oh, and on the contrary (also as should be expected), Mr. Trump Jr. took it to twitter on criticizing Mayor Sadiq Khan just two hours after the attack. He was immediately supported by some people, but many more defended the Mayor and insisted that his Muslim identity would not be a factor as the city comes to grips with the incident. Read here.

I am surprised, what possible motivation can any person have to kill innocent citizens, or students! I can’t comprehend the attacker for this stupid and disgusting attack. You are a coward to do things you want, things you desire the right way, and then you resort to such tactics.

Kindly pray for the deceased, and wish speedy recovery to the injured.