The edge-to-edge screen Android phone

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Andy Rubin, the co-creator of the Android mobile phone operating system, launched a new company called Essential Products. The Palo Alto based company will be selling its first high-end smartphone and home assistant device.

The new phone will be featuring an edge-to-edge screen, a titanium & ceramic case and dual cameras. The phone will be running the Android OS and the price tag of $699, will make Samsung and Apple it’s main competitors.

The voice assistant will compete against Amazon’s Echo and Google home speaker. However, the Essential’s voice assistant will let the user choose between Alexa, Google assistant and Siri. The device is also supposed to be able to connect to home network and communicate with devices such as lights and thermostats.

Tencent Holdings, Foxconn, Redpoint Ventures and Altimeter Capital are the main investors in Essential.

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Apple and Samsung have long since dominated the mobile market. Maybe it is time for a change.

Xiaomi overtakes Apple and Samsung in India

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Around more than 75% mobile users in India still use a feature phone rather than a smartphone, hence it is considered one of the biggest markets for smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung. However, As per a recent report by Strategic Analytics, Xiaomi may be the front runner when it comes to choosing which is the most preferred smartphone brand for Indian Android owners looking to upgrade their devices in 2017.

According to the report, Xiaomi is preferred by at least 26% of the users, where as Samsung and Apple both lie at 12%.

Xiaomi is known to focus more on areas like network speed, processor performance and availability rather than camera, megapixels, screen resolution, etc. which happens to be more preferential among brands like Apple and Samsung. Another important reason is the cost of Xiaomi smartphones, which stands at almost half the price or less of Apple/Samsung phones.

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I have never used a Xiaomi before, but this seems rather interesting if it is an Android with good performance and speed.

Samsung S8 and S8 Plus launched.

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Samsung launched S8 and is expecting high rewards from the consumers after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Samsung had to call it quits on Note 7 phone after recalling it twice and still not being able to solve the issue of burning phones.

Galaxy S8 and Plus comes in 5.8 inch and 6.2 inch sizes respectively. The phones will also have ‘Bixby’, a smart voice assistant rival of Siri. The phone has a bezel-less curved edge “infinity display” covered with prsitine glass and also features a 12 MP rear camera with ois (optical image stabilisation) and a 8 MP auto-focus front camera. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa core (2.35 GHz Quad – 1.7 GHz Quad) will be processing the smartphone. Unlike the iPhones, the phone will feature both an USB-C slot and 3.5 mm headphone jacks.

The phone comes with the IP68 certificate, meaning it is water and dust resistant. Both phones also feature iris scanner, face recognition and fingerprint scanner.

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Frankly, both the phones sound interesting and pack great hardware capabilities. However, that was the same with Note 7. Let’s just pray this one doesn’t ….well …blow up.

President Park Geun-Hye impeached.

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South Korean President Park Geun-hye has been impeached, with the constitutional court on Friday upholding a parliamentary vote to eject her from office for her role in a corruption and influence-peddling scandal. Election for a new president must now be held within 60 days.

This case, which involves not only the President but also CEOs of leading companies like Samsung, a high-profile prosecutor and the head of the national pension fund, the world’s third largest.

The news comes at not a great time for South Korea, when there are high tensions with neighboring countries like North Korea for firing missiles and threats, and also China, who is retaliating against South Korea as punishment for deploying the American anti-missile battery THAAD.

The scandal revolves around President Park and her lifelong friend, Choi Soon-sil, who is accused of planning to take $37 million from Samsung alone. Prosecutors have recommended a total of 13 charges against Park including abuse of power, coercion of donations and the sharing of state secrets.

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Samsung Galaxy 8, will you buy it?

Due to the debacle of battery-fuelled Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has been under quite a lot of pressure in the public eye. Samsung’s Q3 2016 sale is already low with Q4 2016 to follow even lower. It did release the Shiny black Galaxy S7 to compete with iPhone’s 7 Jet black, but it might not be able to cover up the lost amount by Samsung in this year.

Therefore, Samsung Galaxy 8 needs to get it right, from the moment it is released and goes on sale to the consumers. Samsung has revealed its annual models at the start of Mobile World Congress in February, but 2017 will be different. Samsung is planning to release Galaxy S8 in April, almost eight weeks after the expected launch date. This delay is to allow all the issues with Note 7 to clear up and also allow the marketing teams to build up increased levels of consumer confidence.

Samsung will be targeting Galaxy S6 users who will be coming to an end of their two-year cellphone contract. Read the full article here.

Nokia Phones won’t be joining the Hardware race

Nokia aka HMD is planning to release its first android smartphone early 2017. This will be the first phone under the Nokia name since February 2016 when it released the Lumia 650 Windows phone.

Initially, these new Nokia phones will not join the hardware specs race like many of the Chinese phonemakers. These Nokia phones will have a unique and better user experience.

An HMD official stated that Nokia wants to solve the real problems of phone consumers and have a above average camera or battery and other specifications.

The first Nokia-HMD phone, coded Nokia D1C seems to be having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, with a fullHD screen , a 13-megapixel front camera and a 8-megapixel rear camera. The specifications will be average for the 2017 phone market and the actual performance of the Phone is what will matter.

This is the same approach that Nokia took 15-20 years in the phone sector that was dominated by Sony and Samsung. And this led to Nokia dominating the Phonr market for a while. However it is not sure that the same approach will be feasible in the today’s volatile phone market. We will be having eyes on the Nokia D1C!

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