California class shooting

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Elaine Smith (53) was a special-education teacher at North Park School, San Bernardino, California. During one of the elementary school classes, her husband, Cedric Anderson, walked in and opened fire, killing her and an eight year old student, Jonathan Martinez, after which he re-loaded the gun and killed himself. The murder-suicide spread panic across the city, especially among the parents and grandparents of students in the school who were shocked at the news of the incident.

A nine-year old student was also critically wounded, however he has been stabilized in the hospital.

San Bernardino, a city of 216,000 people about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, was the site of a December 2015 terror attack that killed 14 people and wounded 22 others at a meeting of San Bernardino County employees.

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I can’t even imagine what had gone through the kids during that moment in the class. They would be have been terribly afraid. I wish people are able to show their support for the kids, and also pray for the injured. May the people who died rest in peace.

A dare on the teacher

He saw his blank paper.The dare on the paper was to Write an essay that is humorous enough to make Ms. Clinton laugh and also slip it on her table before the class starts.

Damn Dev.

Though he himself was involved in making up this dare, since he had lost the bet, he had to go through on his word. I didn’t think that I will lose a bet on whether there will be a surprise test on that day or not. Damn Dev.

Well anyway, so what should I write. He remembered Ms. Clinton’s circular face. A short round nose, big dark black eyes and rectangular spectacles frame. Her chin was almost disappearing due to the fat on her neck.

Her face didn’t look old but if you included the uncombed grey hair, it looked like a birds nest that was intentionally placed upside-down on her head, and painted silver grey without any passion.

He remembered once he had just gone up to her to check if there were any eggs or birds on the hair. Ms. Clinton asked what he was doing to which he had replied, “Looking at the birds nest…emmm I need to go to the toilet.” She had stared at him at least for a minute or what seemed like a minute like she was going to eat him. “Go”, she said at last.

Should I write something like There is something -under your chair? And then leave a jack-in-the box below her chair. What if I write What did you eat today? And stick a small speaker under her table that makes farting noises for atleast a minute. That will probably annoy her and make her give the “I-will-kill-you” all stare to the class. So not that either.

Maybe I should print it instead of writing it, then she won’t be able to know who left it on the table by checking the handwriting, and there was nothing on the bet that I will have to write my name or hand it over to her personally.

But what if.

Oh yes. I can write that. He switched on his laptop, typed a single line on a word file and printed it.

The next day he kept the paper on her table just a minute before she entered such that no students were able to see what he had left. When the teacher sat on her chair and read it, she laughed and looked towards Dev. She then swung her neck side-by-side as if denying a fact related to Dev.

Dev on the other hand was terrified as to why was she looking at her. She did that many a times during the class. Once when she was taking the rounds in the class, she even put a hand on Dev shoulders, which made him shudder in fear. She told Dev, “It will be okay.”

After the class ended Dev got up and came to him. What did you write? Why the hell was she eyeing me!

“Well I just told her a little fact about you.”

What was it!

“That, You are the best and most innocent student in the class. Twice before when and Clinton punished you, you were so scared that you peed your pants.

What the hell dude. That’s bull shit.”

“I know. You asked me to write something humorous. Imagining the scene makes me laugh. And so I suppose it did the same trick on Ms. Clinton. And so, I did my job.

Yeah okay, asshole.

And it didn’t feel lonely anymore

When you were young what did you learn.What did I learn… that no matter what you do, you will end up being lonely“, He said.

She was shocked after hearing this. She had been his friend since the last five years and never heard this from him. She replied, “But I was there with you since so long.”

“Yes, as I said that I learned that when I was young. But things change. I don’t think I feel lonely anymore.”

“But was this true before you met me?”

“It was. Kind of.”

“Kind of?”

“I had a friend who shifted abroad with his parents. He was my bestfriend. It was in 4th grade I think.”

“And you met me in 7th grade. So what happened in 5th and 6th grades.”

“Well. As I said, I felt lonely. I was lonely.”

“Didn’t you have people to talk to?”

“I did. Of course. But just everything related to class courses. Nothing else. And only during school hours. It felt like I was in a completely different world. They were the same people except something was missing. Just because he left, things seemed different.

“Then how did you find the courage to talk to me? And how did we become such good friends?”

“Good friends? Are we now?

“Again with your lame humour. Shut up and answer my question.”

“Fine. Fine. I think I talked to you in 7th grade, or probably you talked to me. Weren’t you the class monitor, so you talked to me. Probably while handing assignments.”

“Aw. You don’t even remember the first time we talked. That’s so wrong.”

“And you say I have bad humour.”

“So funny you are. Shut up and continue.”

“Okay. Well as I said, you talked to me. And then probably you noticed that I used to stay alone and didn’t talk much with others. So you took pity on me and came to hang out with me during lunch breaks.”

Pity. My foot. Don’t make it sound so depressing. I just talked because I am kind of a loner myself. If you haven’t noticed yet. I talk to everyone since I have been the class monitor all these years. That’s why I think I found you interesting. And I wanted to know what you were thinking. That’s all.”

“Oh really. Haha. So then what do you think I think?”

“Anything that is lame. Obviously.”

“Stupid. Go away.”

“Yeah, yeah. Break is over. Man just let these 12th grade exams be finished. I am going to go on a vacation.”

“Oh, but it’s still two months more. Where to though?”

“It’s a secret. Can’t tell you.”

“Is that so? Well then fuck off.”

“Idiot. I will plan something where we both could go. Let’s have a time of our life.”

“That’s more like it. Sid the kid is the deal.”

“Shut up. Let’s just go back to class.”