A solution to WannaCry

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French researchers have found a last-chance way for technicians to save Windows files encrypted by WannaCry. WannaCry, which started to sweep round the globe last Friday and has infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations, threatens to lock out victims who have not paid a sum of $300 to $600 within one week of infection.

However, the solution will work under the following two conditions:

  • The computers shouldn’t have been rebooted since becoming infected
  • If victims applied the fix before WannaCry carried out its threat to lock their files permanently

The group that includes Adrien Guinet, Matthieu Suiche and Benjamin Delpy, have come up with the solution and told that it should work on all versions of Windows 7 and older.

Till date, only 309 transactions have been carried out (just a mere 2% of the worldwide attacks number).

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That’s great news! Finally people might be able to save their old files and be done with WannaCry for good.

Trump, reality, Russia

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Only hours after Trump dismissed that his campaign team was being scrutinized by the FBI for possible ties with Russia, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the investigation is real. (Oh, well) The FBI Director also insisted that there was no evidence that Mr. Obama had ordered a wiretap for Trump tower.

Not only this, Michael Rogers, head of the NSA, that there has been no evidence that Britain had helped President Obama with the surveillance.

This might come as a huge blow to Trump, who is bound to lose credibility and standing as a reliable ally for his fellow Republicans, ofcourse the most ardent fans of Trump won’t be buzzed with such fake news.

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Here is how it went down: