Seven Vitures

What should I write about today,
If not about the seven virtues;
The good things in the world,
Are the ones to be first used.

Humility comes first,
As people should have it;
Even if you achieve great,
Never wrong others by a bit.

One should be kind,
Wherever they go;
To be friendly towards other,
Being generous is the motto.

Abstinence should be practiced,
Whether it be alcohol or sex;
To stay in your senses,
Is the best way to relax.

Chastity is a tough path,
That only some practice perfectly;
Especially in the current era,
When extra-marital is in the flow.

Whatever situation you face,
You should always practice patience;
To calmly observe the process,
Deriving the result, is the essence.

Be liberal and try to donate,
As much as you possibly can;
Because giving holds much more power,
Than just collecting it in.

The last comes diligence,
I am sure you know of it;
Without focus and hard work,
You can’t achieve that wit.

Be sure to follow the virtues,
In one form or the other;
But remember no one is perfect,
So it’s okay to make mistakes.