There is always something around,
Standing behind my back;
Something that keeps up with me,
Staring me from the ground.

As the day passes, it changes,
But it is always attached to me;
Sometimes, I see it below my hands,
At times, below my feet I see.

The shadow always lurks around,
Like another me, who is empty;
Yet it is always around for me,
Making me a little less lonely.

It stays with me whether I fail,
Or on days I hear about my success;
It is with me during a disaster,
Or during the time of the fest.

One would say it always supports us,
Not speaking anything, yet following around;
But the question remains of its purpose,
And why is it so dark within.

Perhaps it stays there to judge us,
And watch our actions through the life;
At the end, we need to answer,
So that we get a pillow or a knife.

Now, if you do something, think of it,
Think of the shadow that watches you;
Whether it is for your own benefit, or others,
This creature watches our old-selves or new.


Does your shadow talk?

#ShortStory #shadow #mystery #family #home

He stared again, looking behind him for a complete ten seconds. The voice of his mother got him back to the present.

What had just happened. What was that.

He went downstairs for dinner, shrugging it off.

The light was brightly lit at the center of the table, as usual, and today it was salmon. Well having a mom that is a highly respected chef certainly has it’s perks.

His mom came and sat next to him, his sister and father were already sitting in their usual chairs. Everyone prayed, and started their meal. It was a usual meal, with the usual conversations.

But something was pricking his mind. He looked behind himself, and there it was. Again. He kept staring at it for a good sixty seconds, all the noise had dulled in the background. It was only after his dad tapped his shoulder that he was back. His dad asked him if he is alright, and he gave a slight nod.

Though he was still wondering. What just happened. What was I thinking again. From other’s expression I seemed to have gotten lost. It was the same feeling when I was coming out from my room upstairs. I suppose I am just too tired today. Then again, I don’t think I have solved so many mathematics questions in homework ever. It felt like thousands.

He didn’t speak anything after that during dinner. After finishing the meal, he got up, bowed to everyone and told them he is going to sleep now.

His parents were a bit confused. They had never seen him bow after a meal, usually he just gets up and runs off to playing a console game, or on some days when he was too tired, he goes to sleep without a word. But a bow? His parents thought that their might be something going on in his mind, maybe some new anime he is watching. They didn’t care since it was a nice thing to learn and wasn’t going to cause any harm.

He went to his room and he felt that the same feeling was coming at him again. Without wasting a second, he rushed off towards his bed and lay by his stomach, his face hard against the pillow. He heard a voice, “Hi.”

He looked around if his dad had come to his room. There was no one. Where is the voice coming from. What the hell.

The voice repeated “I am here. Down here.” He looked down on his pillow, this time it was more like a whisper. He was startled.

The room light was on, and it was casting his shadow on the bed. The shadow was moving and speaking. It repeated, “Hi.”

He jumped from his bed and ran out of his room. But the shadow had disappeared as soon as he had jumped out. The shadow followed him near his feet.