Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,
We hardly show gratitude for what they do;
And yet everytime a stranger helps us,
We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’?

Perhaps even I am such a person,
And maybe, even you are too;
What we could do is support each other,
Living alone can only be done by few.

Then again, stranger things have happened,
At times like these, even more so;
When people are isolated even from family,
Or they hide away, seeing others as a foe?

Indeed, it is a tolerant world out there,
Running around, trying harder for money;
Which is good, everyone has preferences,
But who do you live for, this or your honey?

We fear the stumbling of economy,
Rather than the number of people lost;
What exactly are we going to achieve,
If the person whom we started for, goes.

– Sid


I remember when you were here,
Never taking my eyes off you;
The striking appearance of that smile,
Made me love every subtle wrinkle.

I remember when you were here,
Both of us would manage the chores;
Some of the food that you made,
So bad, yet I miss it now even more.

I remember when you were here,
Talking about the future and life;
How to get a better house and car,
But most importantly a happy family.

I remember when you went away,
It was just a phone call on the cell;
The crisis of the year, the headlines,
A flight whose engine burst, fell.

I remember when you went away,
Gone were those happy memories;
The precious little lies and secrets,
The sweet memories and cries.

I remember when you went away,
Looking up at the sky at night;
Trying to find the unknown star,
All blurred with the tears in my eye.

I remember now, me and you, all of it,
The reason that we are now apart;
For there must be still meaning to life,
And fulfill all your wishes, before I depart.

I remember, that’s all I can say,
You won’t ever be alone from now;
Let me be here a little longer, love,
Pursue the dreams for which we vowed.

Wishing you a Happy New Years!

From sixty we start rolling the ball,
Counting down to those few seconds;
At fifty, we finally come to senses,
Yes the year is actually over.

At forty our heartbeats grow louder,
Louder than the commotion outside;
At thirty the ears hear silence,
And just the exhale of the crowd.

Oh, it has reached twenty,
Things are finally going to happen;
At ten we are clapping the hands,
Feeling the numbers in our mouth.

TWO is what is left now,
Seconds to a new beginning;
And finally it comes to ONE,
Our eyes widen with excitement.

All hail the mighty zero,
As the year has arrived;
Oh, the beautiful fireworks,
Wishing everyone a good life!


As the day arrives closer…

As the day arrives closer,
Said to be the final day of the year;
The mind thinks about,
The happiness, was I able to hear?

As the day arrives closer,
Said to be the last of 2018;
I look myself in the mirror,
Did I change to adult from a teen?

As the day arrives closer,
Said to be the time you look back;
You recall all the highlights,
Or was the best story lost in the nap?

As the day arrives closer,
Said to be celebrated with crackers;
Looking out in the darkness,
There are but quite a few fakers.

As the day arrives closer,
Said to be a new beginnings;
You close your eyes, and smile,
Wishing to outgrow your wings.


Pushing or Pushed

Is there a way to live the life,
Pushing or Pushed is the choice;
Human, what have you thought about it,
Or you merely seek the attention of the crowd.

Struggles everyday, meddle with us,
Just how long do you think you can persist;
After all this time, it is the same problem,
Trusting others or not, still a question?

My way is right, your mind thinks that,
But still need to hear the others view;
Understanding the suggestions, acting on it,
Will it work now, after all this purview?

Hastily, go put it to action,
Hoping to reach to the correct solution now;
After all, its been years of trying,
What should I do, and how?

Indeed, there is a way to live the life,
To keep pushing is the key;
Whether it is a success or a failure,
Lessons are learned, whatever you see.


Moving to the end

People live across the world,
Hoping to build a world;
But a few idiots are always present,
To make everyone remind the past.

No matter how the things are,
No matter if things turned out well;
Such creatures will always call,
On the things that made it all fell.

Why do you even listen,
To all those people staying stagnant;
Does this country not wish to move,
Why remain with the complaining scent.

Cmmon countrymen, you are better,
Why not think of the future;
What’s with all the ruckus in the news,
Why not help each other nurture!


Our Weakness

There is a way, as they say,

To find the solution and make;

Between the clumsiness of reality,

And the strictness of the fake.

Night after night, I wake up,

Wondering about the riddle of life;

Placing my palm on my head,

Slowly moving to the edge of knife.

Things are not revealed,

So do we keep hiding it?

Will the solution reveal itself,

If the problem is hid in a pit.

Moments pass, memories are born,

Yet some stuff is still unknown;

Better keep those words within,

In this world, weakness isn’t shown?

They say, there is always a way,

So do me a favor and tell;

When was the last time you cried,

And when did you let society hide those tears away.


Earn: Reality

It is a strange thing, earning I mean,
You earn different things as you grow;
As a baby it is different than as a man,
I wonder, what does life want to show.

When you are born, you are held,
You are embraced and pampered;
You earn the love of everyone,
During your tears or your happiness.

As you grow up, you earn trust,
Be it the trust of your friends;
Or the trust of your teachers,
And also the people you live with.

When you get a job, you earn more,
Especially earning money is the charm;
The more you have, the more fun it is,
After all, luxury can’t be bought without it all.

As you learn working, and the real world,
You earn the most common thing;
What you earn is experience from everything,
So mark it and never dismiss it as a trash job.

As you work more, you earn respect,
And mind you, it is not just the work;
But being sincere and perseverance gets it,
Else everybody had earned this lot.

As you grow older, you earn comfort,
It is time for you to relax;
Let those kids and grand kids handle it,
You did a good job earning it all.

In the end, you earn the righteous peace,
The salvation that is for all of us;
Here comes the cycle of life and death,
Probably sending us again to repeat the fuss.


The Infection

I cling to you at all times,
Whether it is sad or happiness;
Looking for the right moment,
I strike suddenly to make a mess.

You feel lazy the next morning,
Waking up with a light head;
As you try to get up from bed,
You struggle to stand on your leg.

You sit again on the bed,
Relaxing for a little while;
Then get up to get hot water,
Oh, those ten feet feel like a mile.

You look for the thermometer,
To check your burning temperature;
And it comes a Hundred and one,
Even in this cold weather.

It’s time to clean up and eat,
Before the doctor’s appointment;
There goes another Hundred dollars,
Just because of some new infection.

Getting ill is surely a problem,
However small or big it might be;
Being helpless is not the best feeling,
Neither is having lots of medicine the key.

So exercise for at least a bit,
To keep your heart pumping;
It also helps you fight the diseases,
That otherwise are always up to something.