Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,We hardly show gratitude for what they do;And yet everytime a stranger helps us,We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’? Perhaps even I am such a person,And maybe, even you are too;What we could do is support each other,Living alone can only be done by few. Then again, … Continue reading Thoughts.


I remember when you were here,Never taking my eyes off you;The striking appearance of that smile,Made me love every subtle wrinkle. I remember when you were here,Both of us would manage the chores;Some of the food that you made,So bad, yet I miss it now even more. I remember when you were here,Talking about the … Continue reading Forever.

Wishing you a Happy New Years!

From sixty we start rolling the ball, Counting down to those few seconds; At fifty, we finally come to senses, Yes the year is actually over. At forty our heartbeats grow louder, Louder than the commotion outside; At thirty the ears hear silence, And just the exhale of the crowd. Oh, it has reached twenty, … Continue reading Wishing you a Happy New Years!

As the day arrives closer…

As the day arrives closer, Said to be the final day of the year; The mind thinks about, The happiness, was I able to hear? As the day arrives closer, Said to be the last of 2018; I look myself in the mirror, Did I change to adult from a teen? As the day arrives … Continue reading As the day arrives closer…

Pushing or Pushed

Is there a way to live the life, Pushing or Pushed is the choice; Human, what have you thought about it, Or you merely seek the attention of the crowd. Struggles everyday, meddle with us, Just how long do you think you can persist; After all this time, it is the same problem, Trusting others … Continue reading Pushing or Pushed

Moving to the end

People live across the world, Hoping to build a world; But a few idiots are always present, To make everyone remind the past. No matter how the things are, No matter if things turned out well; Such creatures will always call, On the things that made it all fell. Why do you even listen, To … Continue reading Moving to the end

Our Weakness

There is a way, as they say, To find the solution and make; Between the clumsiness of reality, And the strictness of the fake. Night after night, I wake up, Wondering about the riddle of life; Placing my palm on my head, Slowly moving to the edge of knife. Things are not revealed, So do … Continue reading Our Weakness

Past, Dark, Light, Fight!

The things of the past, That haunt us in the dark; Will lead to the light, Because of our will to fight.

Earn: Reality

It is a strange thing, earning I mean, You earn different things as you grow; As a baby it is different than as a man, I wonder, what does life want to show. When you are born, you are held, You are embraced and pampered; You earn the love of everyone, During your tears or … Continue reading Earn: Reality

The Infection

I cling to you at all times, Whether it is sad or happiness; Looking for the right moment, I strike suddenly to make a mess. You feel lazy the next morning, Waking up with a light head; As you try to get up from bed, You struggle to stand on your leg. You sit again … Continue reading The Infection