A Hero is still a human for life,
Even if others won’t think of it;
Fighting, Saving is what they see,
Not the person who buys groceries.

I asked him what do you do,
When you aren’t making villains scream;
And he talked about watching tv,
Or spending time with his family.

I asked her who flies and keeps a watch,
What do you fear the most as a Hero;
And her reply was just so repulsive,
That tolerant population might go down to Zero.

I asked another about how do you live,
And why do you go around saving others;
He replied that because he can afford it,
Some have to carry the burden on their shoulders.

I asked them – the ones standing at the stage,
If in future, will Heroes still be needed to save us?
And before I could even finish they asked,
The soldiers, doctors and others, aren’t they amongst us?

Is it this Simple?

“Only if I had a car”, Arnav thought, “She would be so impressed by me and probably break up with Rohan. That would be so great.”

After a year…

“I wish I had better looks”, Arnav thought, “Then she wouldn’t look at other guys and only think about me…”

After a year…

“I definitely need a better and sweet personality so that I can do sweet things for her”, Arnav thought, “and she wouldn’t be swayed by others.”

After a year…

“God give me strength to be able to give my life for her”, Arnav thought, “If only I can do that, she will admire me more.”

After a year…

She got married to another man with a decent living, who had simply told her, “I love you. However I might be, I will place you first before anything else in life.