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The happier you are, the less sleep you require to function in everyday life. Sadness increases the urge to sleep more.

Plus, you can get extra work done in a day! So be HAPPY!


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There is a way to worry about work and succeed without a smile on your face.

There is a way to work hard, enjoy the work while you unknowingly succeed.

I hope you choose wisely.

Course of Life

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The course of life, it is strange.

Some hide the tears, and delve in pain.

Others smile, covering even more in light,

And some are just to observe the sight.


What then, is that, that you seek in life,

What has agonized your mind so much;

What haunts you in the dreams of the night,

What continues to give your heart a thunder.


Whatever that reason is, that you think of,

It is sure to be with someone else;

Because that’s how you connect to someone in life,

That’s how you find a partner in the path ahead.


So don’t be scared of this lonely path,

Or a dark one, if you would call it that;

For, who knows what and who might come,

To bring out the good within you, kicking the evil else.


Trust more in yourself, see the life you have,

Count your blessings to see the things;

People that have been holding you till now,

Those that have never faded to treat you as kings.


What kind of life?

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What does it mean to have a life,

Is it to raise kids and work from nine to five,

Or to get drunk and go out on a drive,

Perhaps to earn money and be filled with pride.

Some work hard, and go through their day,

They are scolded by their boss, yet they never fade,

They work endlessly trying to make an impact,

But they grow slowly, because something still they lack.

The others work hard, and don’t care of the world,

These are the students that you find in every turn,

Oh, what were those days of our childhood,

No money, No loneliness, all depended on our mood.

Then you have these the big rich businessmen,

Trying to make more money when they can,

Because money is everything, high or low,

Yet the more they earn, the more they want.

Then come the stupid ones, working when they can,

They meet deadlines, and enjoy after that,

They care about money but not too much,

They do save, but spend the rest on themselves.

But life is not a game, nor is it a challenge,

Earn and enjoyment, both are there,

Both can be done at an equal pace,

For the stress kicks in if not the equilibrium.

There are different people in this world,

Some know how to live, and some know to earn,

Some save their money, Some spend it tonight,

I insist, save some, spend some, and be bright.

– Siddarth


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It’s today that I decided,
I decided to take the fall,
Let me plunge in darkness,
And let the night consume it all.

For once the sun rises tomorrow,
I will be a new person then,
A different, a diverse person,
With a new thinking, and heart of fun.

Dust thou art, and,
Unto dust shalt thou return,
The saying goes like that,
A truth has never been so f-ing sad.

For it’s the life that matters,
Not just the beginning and end,
How you live and what you gain,
Won’t ever turn to dust and go down the drain.

But I will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes,
And set in front all my wishes,
For the world had seemed so empty,
Until your smile became my goal.

– Siddarth

And it is but a forced smile.

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He made a mistake, and was looking for help.

Here and there, he looked, as the crowd passed by –

Unmoved by life, nor moved by his problem.

He eventually stops looking and gazes down,

Thinking about his problem, What will be the appropriate solution?

Will I be able to even think of the ‘best’ solution?

He looks at the crowd again, but this time for a shorter duration,

Knowing there won’t be anyone, he looks down again.

There is no choice –

His problem is his own, with no one else to worry over.

Picking up his baggage, he strives forward,

Slowly by slowly, step by step he catches up.

Slowly by slowly he solves.

Closing in to the final moment, he fears,

Fears that he might make another mistake,

He slows down and works more carefully,

But he still solves, and forces a smile.

— Siddarth Jain


A Valentine’s Day.

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If you want a poem, look,

I wrote this for you,

After seeing you, I was shook

I remembered the love that was due.

I saw you at the table yesterday,

It seemed like the best opportunity,

The words I wanted to speak everyday,

About my love for you till infinity.

I came forward and called your name,

Cleared my throats and lowered my gaze,

My mind was thinking I was insane,

As the words came out it felt like a daze.

You kept looking at me for a while,

Still nervous, kept looking in your eyes,

The world they held seemed deeper than a mile,

After hearing my words, they searched in me if it was all lies.

You stood up, said I am sorry,

But I already have a boyfriend,

You still smiled and said Thank you,

I am still honoured to be liked by a person like you.