Hidden song of a man

Do you know the one who doesn’t cry,
Laughing it out loud at all times,
Showing his teeth, trimming his beard,
He looks at the mirror as time flies.

Do you know why he doesn’t cry,
Is it because the society doesn’t accept,
Or he needs to be strong for someone,
And console them while they ooze tears.

Do you know if he wants to cry,
Because he puts a smile on his face,
Whether it’s low score or low salary,
While his heart is solving life’s maze.

Do you know ‘what if’ he cries,
There are millions stronger than him,
Or so they would appear to be,
Hence don’t drop a tear in that fear.

So you know when he cries,
Yes, He does that while lying in the night,
As he stares up at the stars,
Gazing at their beauty and shedding tears.


Our Weakness

There is a way, as they say,

To find the solution and make;

Between the clumsiness of reality,

And the strictness of the fake.

Night after night, I wake up,

Wondering about the riddle of life;

Placing my palm on my head,

Slowly moving to the edge of knife.

Things are not revealed,

So do we keep hiding it?

Will the solution reveal itself,

If the problem is hid in a pit.

Moments pass, memories are born,

Yet some stuff is still unknown;

Better keep those words within,

In this world, weakness isn’t shown?

They say, there is always a way,

So do me a favor and tell;

When was the last time you cried,

And when did you let society hide those tears away.


Ask Questions and Share

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Why? You ask? ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, you know. You get information when you ask.

You ask google so many questions, so many times in a single day, and yet you hesitate to ask half of that many questions to an actual person? Why is that? I agree that technology does help us out a lot and it might be a better solution for smaller questions like ‘How far is the moon from Earth’, historical facts, and more.

But can you ask google how to solve a problem you have? Maybe a life crisis? You will just end up getting articles/posts from different people preaching about life, but all those articles/posts are for the general crowd. And they can’t understand your specific situation, your particular problem.

Take the simplest of examples: Some of the college students hesitate to ask a question to the professor, and end up searching for solutions or the correct method on google or books. That’s a fine approach, but don’t you think if you just ask your professor he might be able to help you more quickly and even provide you an easier way to remember it. Maybe just think of how many souls you might be helping who don’t have the confidence to ask and are also stuck in the same problem.

At the same time, you need to limit your questions and not ask every single thing, else you will just come out to be dumb and irritating.

Another thing is, the person whom you ask the question feels happy and proud.

Just imagine the situation where your younger sibling asks you a question in one of the school subjects. Or when your parents ask you to help them out in using one of the gadgets. How do you feel then? Don’t you feel a bit of pride when you know that you know the solution to this. You feel happy that you know the solution and that you can share/teach someone else.

I suppose having a sense of pride is innate in every single human being. We all want to be acknowledged by others, and what better way but others themselves asking questions from us.

That’s all I can say. Feel free to add your thoughts to this! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Money is a necessary evil. Don’t make it your purpose or goal. It’s what that runs the society, and it’s what that corrupts it. It’s what that might help us reach our goal, it’s what that drives us away from it.

Trump withdraws Obama’s order on transgender students

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The new President has revoked the Obama regulations that extended certain protections to transgender students, allowing them to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identities. The administration cited too many lawsuits and legal loopholes in the regulation, which required public schools to allow students to use the bathrooms corresponding to their gender identities.

Nancy Pelosi, a democratic leader, said that this is a cruel blow to an already vulnerable group of young people.

Senator Ben Cardin commented that Regardless of a students zip code, they deserve a safe learning environment where they are able to reach their full academic potential.

Read the full article here.

A world for everyone!?

The pain, it wasn’t stopping. It felt her heart was ripping apart. Right at that moment, it felt like all the worries she had ever felt in her life had come pouring into her mind. She wanted to scream but the cloth tied around her mouth blocked all the sound and shrieks she wanted to let out. She couldn’t help her tears, after so long. She hadn’t cried ever, or she would have probably but she didn’t remember crying out since she was a child. She had tried being strong all her life, and this was the result? Was this the result of being strong and standing by what she said? Those confident women out there; does everyone get a stripped and beaten body tied on a chair, with a cloth around their mouth and forced to live in an empty cube shaped room for several days.

Jess. That was the name her mom had given her. Her mom was the loveliest human in all the world with a caring personality and kindness, but that was the exact thing that had driven her to commit suicide only after two years of her father’s fatal accident. Her father… she had very few memories of him, but almost in every single one of them he told her to live strong and be confident in herself, despite being a girl. The society will eventually understand this too, and not long after will everyone be considered as an equal. The Society. Hah. She thought about the things that had happened. Maybe in big countries and major cities everyone was treated equal, but still in small communities or villages this wasn’t the case… will it ever improve? The best example was her own village, where she had stayed for most of her life.

She had gotten her doctor’s degree from a nearby university. She had helped everyone, treated the injured and yet this village had returned her gratitude with nothing but cruelty.

She remembered, the day after graduation, she had been accepted by a large firm and was asked to move to a different city, a much bigger, open-minded place, or that was how it sounded like. But she had declined the offer, instead she had decided to stay in her home village and treat everyone for a bare minimum fee. In only a short time, she rose to be the best doctor in town, everyone respected her and had their hearts filled with gratitude for her. But I suppose one thing never changed. Everyone thought that eventually she was just a woman, and will have to resort to being a housewife after marriage. Why was this? She thought about this and it made her sad that she wasn’t able to change one of the most important things in her society, the value of a woman. And now, as she was trapped in this box, what was she supposed to do? Will someone come to help her like in the movies, or will she have to do something all by herself to be freed from slavery? Will a Prince appear or she will have to become the Princess all by herself? And all that thinking, all that pain, all that helplessness made her feel weak. The tears rolled down, as she closed her eyes and lost consciousness.

When she woke up next, it might have been morning. There was a small beam of light crawling in to the center of the room. But something was different. Something didn’t feel right, or was it that Something actually felt right. The gag wasn’t there. It was like the cloth had vanished. She could freely move her hands and legs around, and even stand up straight. Where were the ropes that were holding her to the chair? What had just happened? There was a fresh piece of clothes lying infront of her, an ordinary village salwaar-kameez. Is that for me? What? Why? She wore the dress quickly and slowly made her way to the exit. The door was open, the lock had been broken from outside with a good deal of force it seemed. She can feel the sunlight outside. What was this feeling? She turned and looked at the cube-like room one last time. She closed her eyes and whispered Goodbye. I wish I don’t have to see you again.