A Hero is still a human for life,
Even if others won’t think of it;
Fighting, Saving is what they see,
Not the person who buys groceries.

I asked him what do you do,
When you aren’t making villains scream;
And he talked about watching tv,
Or spending time with his family.

I asked her who flies and keeps a watch,
What do you fear the most as a Hero;
And her reply was just so repulsive,
That tolerant population might go down to Zero.

I asked another about how do you live,
And why do you go around saving others;
He replied that because he can afford it,
Some have to carry the burden on their shoulders.

I asked them – the ones standing at the stage,
If in future, will Heroes still be needed to save us?
And before I could even finish they asked,
The soldiers, doctors and others, aren’t they amongst us?

Happy Independence Day!

73 years of Independence it is,
Oh what a long way we have come;
From nothing but $30 billion gdp,
To a wish for a massive $5 trillion.

Such eventful timeline India has seen,
With its share of highs and lows;
Yet soldiers give it all at the borders;
And only in front of the flag, they bow.

If you consider the current times,
Take a look at what the doctors do;
Sacrificing their sleep and wellbeing,
And giving innocent citizens life anew.

You go out on a Sunday or a holiday,
There are workers completing their tasks;
Cleaning the street, emptying the bins;
And as security watching out, while we rest.

How about the National team players,
Whether it is cricket, soccer or hockey;
They all have training every single day,
And a wish to earn medals for the country.

There are private businesses as well,
Driven by a goal to earn money;
What they do also adds to the gdp,
And pay tax to improve India’s property.

Utilities companies are also in the list,
People keep it working even on days off;
Because that is the lifeline for the citizens,
And the heart that never stops beating.

All of these, and yet so much more,
Some are right in front of your eyes;
While some are hidden in the back,
And are making your life without cries.

We have come a long way, still lots to improve,
Whether in infrastructure or in education;
We need to clean up the mess that is there;
With all voices, let’s make ‘India’ echo again.

– Siddarth

Battles – General

There are battles lonely,
Numerous at that;
And their aren’t many,
Who would pat us on the back.

The battle of getting up,
Everyday in the morning;
It’s such a tedious task,
The alarm rings without warning.

Another battle is at the breakfast,
Having the same thing;
The taste that would still last,
Till the lunch has been set.

Then most go to work,
The battle is there;
Many documents, many projects,
Stuff going on everywhere.

Then comes the battle at home,
Having to eat the same dinner;
Only if you could hire a chef,
He could make a worthy winner.

But all these battles are futile,
In front of the battles for the country;
Especially the soldiers who fight,
And try to save this sanctuary.

Also the battles of players,
Who for our country, devote their life;
They play that ‘one’ sport everyday,
Just to make us shine bright.

So let us respect them,
When we see a soldier or player;
So that we can admire the people,
Who, at times, are in our prayers.


Indian Army kills LeT terrorist

#India #Pakistan #terrorism #border #LeT #soldiers #killing

A Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist, Abu Ali Sheraj alias Ibini Abul Majid, was killed in a retaliatory action by the Indian Army. Sheraj is believed to be a member of one of the Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT) unit, which had crossed Line of Control (LoC) and sneaked into Indian territory for around 250 meters, which resulted in them killing two Indian security personnel.

Sheraj’s body could not be recovered due to heavy shelling in the area.

BAT is specifically made for trans-LoC action, i.e. their primary task is to dominate the LoC by carrying out disruptive actions in the form of raids. It has killed a number of Indian soldiers along the border in the past.

Read the full article here

They killed two of your soldiers. Rather beheaded them. And you ‘assume’ you killed on and the body can’t be recovered. How many times is the Indian government going to sit back and just watch as soldiers continue to die along the border. Something needs to be done about these border militants. And soon.


Taliban attack in Lahore

#Taliban #Pakistan #terrorism #censusWorkers #Lahore #victims #soldiers

Seven people, including five soldiers, were killed and 19 others were injured in Lahore, Pakistan when a suicide bomber blew himself at Bedian Road, targeting a private van engaged by the Lahore cantonment board that was carrying soldiers.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility of the attack. Five soldiers, the bomber and an official of the Pakistani Air Force who was passing in a motorcycle were killed.

Muhammad Usman, the driver of the van was arrested, because there was no reason for him to stop the van at that particular spot on the road, and this led the soldiers to be an easy target in a stationary van.

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Such morons, thinking they have done a great and honorable act, but instead they are just shaming their own beliefs and group.