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The world leaders need to understand this, war isn't the solution. The verbal dialogues/tweets between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim are only escalating the tension between the two countries. You need to think about the people of your country, how much can a war change everyone!
Also, most of the countries in the world have tensions along their border but no one dares to start any conflicts. If any one country goes to war, no one knows what will be the consequences. After all, you need only one candle to light many firecrackers.

Hence, I am sure that if you are a leader, you will have enough intelligence and understanding on how to be better at communication & negotiations. Please use that knowledge.

Suicide? NO!

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I got to know today that a friend Jack (name changed) of my colleague committed suicide. My colleague told me that Jack had had issues & pain in his spinal cord but nothing that was life threatening. It could have been cured by proper medication. Jack had also finished a tech product and got it patented in India considering it was a first of it’s kind. Then Why?
Why did he commit suicide? No one can know the actual reason, or what was going on in Jack’s mind. However, I would like to strongly argue that Suicide is not the solution. Yes you have problems, and you are hurt, but so do other people. Everyone in this world shares pain, whether rich or poor, this thing is common in us all.
So try to share your problems with your closed ones, or in fact anyone! It is believed that people are able to talk more freely to strangers online, since they don’t have to look at each other nor share any factual information.
So then share with people online (an article I read mentioned a great website called 7cups of tea that have online therapists and people who are willing to listen to your story FOR FREE), but do share! If not to others, then I am available to help you and listen to you as much as I can!
Please know that if you can endure this, I am sure that you will come out to be more confident and a stronger person. Ending your life is not the solution, but sharing your thoughts is! I can’t re-iterate this enough.
Believe that there is always someone (Especially your parents) that are looking out for you. Even if someone scolds you it might be for a proper reason, and you can discuss things with them. Stand up and move forward!!
Never give up! Let us all support each other in this small world! 🙂