Diffractive sails on spacecrafts

A Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) researcher is taking solar sailing to the next level. He proposes replacing reflective metallic sails with diffractive metafilm sails. The new materials could be used to steer reflected or transmitted photons for near-Earth, interplanetary and interstellar space travel. Grover Swartzlander is leading an exploratory study supported by phase one … Continue reading Diffractive sails on spacecrafts

HAL-like robot: CIMON

The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) was launched early this Friday to become the first personal, artificial intelligence powered companion in space! At a weight of 5900 pounds, CIMON is a verbally communicative device, and will also communicate step-by-step instructions to astronauts during three planned science experiments. It will return to Earth on December 13. … Continue reading HAL-like robot: CIMON

Blue Orange Moon – January 31st

#calendars #space #moon #celestial #eclipse #lunarevent #skygazing The moon will turn orange on January 31st to share the sight of a rare celestial spectacle! Being the second full moon of the month, hence called Blue Moon, and the first eclipse in the new year, this will be quite a view. The lunar event on January … Continue reading Blue Orange Moon – January 31st

How big is the universe?

#universe #life #Earth #galaxy #SolarSystem #space #superclusters This is just an image of the article I was reading today. It basically showed how big the universe is, and our solar system is but a very very small part of it. So think big, and keep that passion alive in you! You can achieve anything you … Continue reading How big is the universe?

Colonisation details from Elon Musk

#colonization #life #Mars #space #ElonMusk #Earth #interplanetary Eventually, there will be a nuclear war, or an asteroid collision on Earth or a rogue AI, or environmental destruction that might cause problems to live on Earth. Well those are some of the few reasons Elon Musk is so interested in the Living in Mars concept or … Continue reading Colonisation details from Elon Musk

City on Mars is possible

#space #Mars #ElonMusk #SpaceX #interplanetary #humans #colonization Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, mentioned that human colonies on Mars are possible in our lifetime. He also described the options for expanding to a space-bearing civilization and the advantages of Mars. He compared possible spaceships and rockets designs and performance features. At present, the … Continue reading City on Mars is possible

Oldest planet in our solar system?

#planet #space #SolarSystem #Jupiter #age So the largest planet in our Solar System is also the oldest planet in our Solar System. Jupiter. The planet was formed only within four million years after the formation of the Sun. Considering no physical samples of Jupiter is available like of Earth, Mars, moon, asteroids, etc., isotope signatures … Continue reading Oldest planet in our solar system?

Most extreme planets yet

#space #planet #star #hottest #coldest #biggest #smallest #oldest #youngest Our Universe is a big chunk of stars and planets with some pretty extreme environments and weather. Here is a brief list: Hottest Planet: Having a temperature of over 4,300 degree Celsius, KELT-9b is a Jupiter-type gas giant planet that is so close to it's star … Continue reading Most extreme planets yet

Diverse minerals found in Mars

#Mars #NASA #Curiosity #space #life #planet #minerals Curiosity rover, the NASA's rover on Mars, has found a variety of minerals on the red planet. These layers of rocks are predicted to have been deposited about 3.5 billion years ago, coinciding with a time on Earth when life was beginning to take hold. In fact, early … Continue reading Diverse minerals found in Mars

Colorful skies over New York/North Carolina

#NASA #air #experiment #NewYork #Sky #color #space An experiment conducted by NASA might color the skies over the US mid-Atlantic coast with bluish green and red clouds. The experiment was scheduled for Sunday evening, in which NASA seeks to learn more about charged particles at the Ionosphere (Earth's top most atmosphere layer). A small rocket … Continue reading Colorful skies over New York/North Carolina