World Cup!!

It’s a person’s natural instinct to defend and cheer for their national team. That doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t enjoy the sport or hates the other team. This desire to side with a team is the passion that drives the spectators for a sport, and in the process they also admire the players who actually perform well irrespective of the team.

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Roger Federer

I always questions myself in the best of times. Even when I was World #1 for many months in a row.

What can I improve? What do I need to change?

If you don’t do anything or you just do the same thing over and over again, you stay the same. Staying the same means going backwards. It’s important for me to actually hear criticism sometimes. That’s what makes me a better player.

Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid?

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Cristiano Ronaldo (31) is reportedly thinking about quitting Real Madrid after being angry at his treatment by Spanish tax authorities. Spanish prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo over tax that they believe he should have paid, accusing the player of defrauding 15 million Euros from the taxpayer.

The team, Real Madrid, on the other hand are convinced that Ronaldo is innocent. However, it is also being claimed that Ronaldo will be available for a !80 million Euro bid this summer.

In case, Ronaldo quits Real Madrid, there are quite a few teams that would want him on their side, such as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who have been trying to sign a deal with the footballer since the 2015/16 season. Manchester United too might be willing to bring back Ronaldo and look for winning the title.

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Well, he score is in demand, then again a player of his caliber is worthy of the attention he receives. All hail Ronaldo!

Nadal and Warwinka head to finals

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Rafael Nadal won the semi-finals against Dominic Thiem, beating him 6-3, 6-4 and 6-0 for an enduring 2 hours and 7 minutes. This means, Nadal will be in the French Open Finals for the 10th time and this will be his 22nd Grand Slam finals. The semi-final against Thiem showed just how fresh he is feeling and what is he aiming for.

His match with Warinka will also conclude the ATP Rankings as both Nadal and Warwinka are tied for the 2nd and 3rd positions in the table, 1st being taken by Murray.

To make things interesting, it is to be noted that Warwinka has never lost a Grand Slam final, and Nadal has never lost a French Open final! Look out for the final match this Sunday.

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This is amazing. The semi-finals were breath taking, especially how Nadal showed his potential and won all the three sets, the last one with ease. It will be really interesting to see the game on Sunday.

Rohan Bopanna – Gabriela Dabrowski win Mixed Open

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The mixed open team consisting of Rohan Bopanna (37) and Gabriela Dabrowski (25) won the Roland Garros in Paris on Thursday. Bopanna is being described as a 37-year-old veteran, who is a late bloomer.

Bopanna first reached a major finals in 2010 when he was in the US Open finals against Bryan brothers, which he lost. Getting back in a final after seven years of effort, and finally winning it, his first Grand Slam title, is a major achievement.

Although at the start of the tournament, the team lost their first set 2-6 against Anna-Lena Groenefeld and Robert Farah, they finally won the next two sets 6-2 and 12-10.

According to Bopanna his strategy of serving and staying back, rather than serving and volleying, contributed a big part in this win, along with the fresh and aggresive strokes from his teammate Gabriela.

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This is amazing. Congratulations Bopanna and Gabriela. You both make your countries proud!

Roland Garros semi-finals

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Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem will be playing the first semi-finals of Men’s singles in Roland Garros, while the second semi-final will be played between Stan Warwinka and Andy Murray.

Andy Murrary currently holds the title of World No. 1.

Warwinka won against Marin Cilic in the quarter-finals, winning all the sets. Murray who, seemed to be lost in the quarter-final match initially, got back up and won against Kei Nishikori.

In the Women’s singles, Simona Halep will be playing against Karolina Pliskova, while the other semi-final will be between Timea Bacsinzsky and jelena Ostapenko.

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Tennis. Every single serve/second/shot counts here. The match between Warwinka and Murray would be interesting to watch. My bet is on Murray!

Amazing Cricket!

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India made a whooping 319/3 in 48 overs. Pak needs to chase the target to win, which seems a tough score to catch up to. However, the field is still a bit damp, so the ball might skid and run off for boundaries. This will get interesting.

However, that was done amazing batting by India, four half ventures out of which two were above 80! The first three deliveries of the last over were all 6! Team India 🇮🇳 

Sebastin Vettel wins Monaco Grand Prix

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Sebastin Vettel finished first at the Monaco Grand Prix, while his teammate Kimi Raikkonen finished second. This was Ferrari’s first win in Monte Carlo in 16 years.

However, as the 29-year old Vettel beamed with pleasure on the victor’s podium, his team-mate looked as if it was the last place he wanted to be.

Kimi was leading comfortably, until he was called in for an early pit-stop, which in turn handed Vettel the lead ahead. The instruction to pit came from Ferrari in a bid to under-cut the chasing pack, even though they knew that in a circuit such as the Monaco, the over-cut tactic of waiting to match a rival is regarded more successful.

Vettel’s win carried him 25 points clear of three-time champion Briton Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, who finished seventh after starting from 13th on the grid.

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Congratulations to Vettel for the victory, however that is not fair for Ferrari to stop one of their own drivers from winning, so that another driver could win the match. That’s disappointing.