The Stalker’s love

When you are down, left me lift you up,
Let me be the strangest thing you see;
Wherever you are, remember my name,
I love you with my heart, without any fee.

I follow you around, when you step out,
Seeing that dazzling hair out in the sun;
Its one of the perks of waking every day,
Watching you at times is all the fun.

A fan tried to take a selfie with you,
And you had no choice but to smile;
After that awkward photo you went,
As I rode behind you for another mile.

But after today, I won’t come up,
bothering myself to wake up for a look;
Because you complained about me stalking,
Bringing you to tears was all it took.

Now I just look at you on magazines,
Or movies if I get to watch them;
Why is that I was left so behind,
I don’t even know what I did so wrongly.

Dress up all what you want now,
Others might look and follow you;
None of them can even compare to me,
The true person who gave his heart your hue.

Caring is something I don’t do now, but,
After looking at you again after so many years;
Realizing what I had missed all this time,
Eyesight began to blur, covered by tears.