Routine Problems.

“Oh my God. Why? It was clearly written in the Invoice that I needed blue color, and now when the shipment has reached, you are saying that you have sent us black color? Are you serious right now?”, Chris yelled on his phone, talking to the supplier always made him frustrated and exhausted because of … Continue reading Routine Problems.

Like a child

Hey now, the child says, Why come here with a puffy face; Is life this bad these days, That you destroy your mood and grace. Come, look at the sun, he says, Pointing out to the bright circle; This is one of those days, When it's all golden rather than purple. Look at those stars, … Continue reading Like a child

Everyone gets Anxious?

Every time you think about the exam, The hair on the skin stand up straight; What is this new type of stress, That suddenly grips your heart and breath. What is this feeling that you get, The moment you realize you are a dad; Is it the moment you express your joy, Or fear the … Continue reading Everyone gets Anxious?

A bit of advice, for all working people

#sex #worklife #stress #productivity #mood A new research claims that consensual sex after a hard day of work can give your work a boost the next day. The research was carried out by a team from Oregon State University, University of Oregon and University of Washington, and researchers followed 159 married employees over the course … Continue reading A bit of advice, for all working people