Routine Problems.

“Oh my God. Why? It was clearly written in the Invoice that I needed blue color, and now when the shipment has reached, you are saying that you have sent us black color? Are you serious right now?”, Chris yelled on his phone, talking to the supplier always made him frustrated and exhausted because of the number of excuses each one told for the mistakes, after a deep breath he continued calmly, “Please take your shipment back and send us the corrected items, I cant use this. Or please refund us the payment or we will have to work out something legal.” He cut the call after saying those words.

He knew fully well that it will take at least a good 15 – 20 days to resolve this crisis, that too if the supplier provides the correct color in a new shipment. What should I do, he thought knowing fully well that things might turn ugly initially when the upper management receives this information, But still what could I do? I sent the correct color sample, mentioned correct color in the Invoice and yet they made this blunder. Why is it going like this?

His phone started ringing again, it was the supplier again. Just looking at that name made it more frustrating for Chris, he cut the call and kept his phone upside down, not answering the messages or the calls. Of course, they would now be asking to give them another chance. Why should I? This is drastic, how can someone make such a mistake? Chris thought and remembered the value of the invoice again, but that is not all, the monetary loss is there of course, however, this is such a huge loss in time as well. Even if the supplier agrees to make a new shipment, it will probably take another couple of months to get dispatched and an extra month to get here.

The phone was ringing again but Chris didn’t pick it up knowing fully well who the caller might be. He tried to divert his attention by calling different people, asking about their work status. He didn’t feel like checking his email and got up to go for a jog.

An hour passed by, and Chris returned from the jog exhausted. Perhaps I pushed myself a little too much today.

He checked his emails and found an email from the supplier from about after half an hour after his phone conversation, marked at high priority. It must be probably for the balance payment. Why would I pay him when the goods aren’t even what I expected them to be, he took a deep breath and opened the message.

He could not believe it. The supplier had written that he made a mistake while stating the facts during their phone conversation earlier. Apparently black color was sent to another customer who had ordered black, and to Chris and his firm, they had sent the approved color only, that is blue. The supplier apologized again in the last line and ended the mail.

Chris was astonished. He was very happy, but still, how could the supplier have made such a mistake of telling the wrong information. He was so frustrated all day, but he finally took a deep breath and closed the email. He texted the supplier, “Got your mail. Thanks for the clarification” and went to sleep.


Like a child

Hey now, the child says,
Why come here with a puffy face;
Is life this bad these days,
That you destroy your mood and grace.

Come, look at the sun, he says,
Pointing out to the bright circle;
This is one of those days,
When it’s all golden rather than purple.

Look at those stars, he says,
Sparkling as bright as a firecracker;
Although there is only one star in the days,
At night, they cover the sky like a pro hacker.

Why do you wait then, he says,
For the time to bring you joy;
Even then the people nowadays,
Play with each other like a toy.

Live in the present, he says,
Because that is what life is;
Past or the future days,
Won’t bring you happiness diz!

– Siddarth

Everyone gets Anxious?

Every time you think about the exam,
The hair on the skin stand up straight;
What is this new type of stress,
That suddenly grips your heart and breath.

What is this feeling that you get,
The moment you realize you are a dad;
Is it the moment you express your joy,
Or fear the thought of raising a lad.

This even happens before an event,
You lean forward and position yourself in track;
Waiting silently for the whistle to blow,
As your heart races faster than your legs could do.

The moment when a hostage is taken,
The police, the agents all breathe hard;
Thinking about what the next step should be,
Their heart and mind always stays on guard.

When you lose yourself and lest be seduced,
By this other woman, not your wife;
The heart skips a beat over what happened,
The morning right, after the previous night.

A captain gives the order for the strike,
Keeping his hand on his heart;
Asking it to calm down and watch,
As it struggles to burst from the dark.

And the man sitting in the plane,
Who has never worshiped or asked;
Suddenly prays to the Almighty,
To calm the thunder outside, that had been cast.

What is all this, this anxiety,
This feeling that possesses us;
Right at the moment, at the time,
When we need all the luck and no fuss.


A bit of advice, for all working people

#sex #worklife #stress #productivity #mood

A new research claims that consensual sex after a hard day of work can give your work a boost the next day.

The research was carried out by a team from Oregon State University, University of Oregon and University of Washington, and researchers followed 159 married employees over the course of two weeks. The employees were asked to complete two brief surveys each day.

It was reported that employees reported more positive moods the next day after having consensual sex at home, and this better mood in the morning led to more sustained engagement in their work and job satisfaction.

The study is equally strong for both men and women. Sex triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with the reward centers in the brain, as well as oxytocin, a neuropeptide associated with social bonding and attachment.

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