Lazy Motivation

Let’s think about it today,
What I write about everyday;
And what you think of all the time,
Yet wanting more of it every time.

Often you think about giving up,
And questions pop up in your mind;
Why are you trying so hard,
When there is no motivation behind.

But then you look at the goal,
The piece of paper stuck on the wall;
The scribbling you did with that pen,
And the motivation you got from this all.

You cry because you have drifted away,
Away from those schedule of yours;
The plan that you had made to reach,
And techniques you had learned for the wars.

Motivation is sure hard to have,
A motivation to workout or;
motivation to simply do a job,
Just something to live for.

It can come in different forms,
Whether it’s a book, a wife, or a song;
For some it might be the competition,
While for others it’s to be in top form.

So is there something that is constant,
That won’t let your motivation fade away;
Something that you might feel everyday,
And you won’t say, “I m tired, let me lay”.

“I will achieve it”, you say,
“Find the motivation with effort;
Yet if there isn’t one, I will create
A motivation for my life’s each part.

So you sigh, and keep your head high,
This time you are prepared to move;
Even if you fall you will now have ‘this’,
A mere poem to again explain it all.