There is always something around,
Standing behind my back;
Something that keeps up with me,
Staring me from the ground.

As the day passes, it changes,
But it is always attached to me;
Sometimes, I see it below my hands,
At times, below my feet I see.

The shadow always lurks around,
Like another me, who is empty;
Yet it is always around for me,
Making me a little less lonely.

It stays with me whether I fail,
Or on days I hear about my success;
It is with me during a disaster,
Or during the time of the fest.

One would say it always supports us,
Not speaking anything, yet following around;
But the question remains of its purpose,
And why is it so dark within.

Perhaps it stays there to judge us,
And watch our actions through the life;
At the end, we need to answer,
So that we get a pillow or a knife.

Now, if you do something, think of it,
Think of the shadow that watches you;
Whether it is for your own benefit, or others,
This creature watches our old-selves or new.


Insecurity within

In the mighty world of today,
Everyone feels the same;
People can’t trust the neighbors,
Or even those with whom they stay.

Our eyes have become so biased,
We love to see something beautiful;
And yet close our heart for them,
Whom we actually need to pull.

Even in the same apartment,
People hardly get to talk;
How will they ever know,
What the other does in his walks.

One is robbing the bank,
While the other might be ordinary;
One is stacking away cash,
While other doesn’t have a worry.

Even the friends are so insecure,
Because their partners can cheat;
Is this the level of trust you want?
Such a relation is completely beat.

How did people become so insecure,
Why have they lost their faith;
They are willing to donate thousands in temples,
Yet hesitant to give one on a beggars plate?

Then there are such attacks around,
That targets different countries everyday;
People killing in the name of religion,
Spreading to everyone their radical way.

Why do we wish for heroes,
When we can ask for help;
Rather than having the easy solution,
We look for the lonely way, welp.

Why and how was this born,
This insecure feeling that we keep;
When and why did our heart stop,
The warmth that was once so deep.



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It's strange that we get a sense of fulfillment whether we buy something as expensive as a car or whether it is just a new book.
I suppose human beings always have a need to fill an empty place in their heart, a desire to own something new after a certain period of time (I am sure that that 'certain period of time' varies with different people 😜, but nevertheless it's true).
But what does that new thing/new accomplishment give you? A new identity, however little the difference maybe from the earlier one, it is still a difference. You now have something to hold on to. You are living in the present.
But does owning something makes you selfish or materialistic (well, considering your desires are affordable, not harmful to others and don't go rampant)? I don't think so. Just imagine, if there wasn't a desire to be selfish, there would have been no evolution, no desire to change or even work.

Suicide? NO!

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I got to know today that a friend Jack (name changed) of my colleague committed suicide. My colleague told me that Jack had had issues & pain in his spinal cord but nothing that was life threatening. It could have been cured by proper medication. Jack had also finished a tech product and got it patented in India considering it was a first of it’s kind. Then Why?
Why did he commit suicide? No one can know the actual reason, or what was going on in Jack’s mind. However, I would like to strongly argue that Suicide is not the solution. Yes you have problems, and you are hurt, but so do other people. Everyone in this world shares pain, whether rich or poor, this thing is common in us all.
So try to share your problems with your closed ones, or in fact anyone! It is believed that people are able to talk more freely to strangers online, since they don’t have to look at each other nor share any factual information.
So then share with people online (an article I read mentioned a great website called 7cups of tea that have online therapists and people who are willing to listen to your story FOR FREE), but do share! If not to others, then I am available to help you and listen to you as much as I can!
Please know that if you can endure this, I am sure that you will come out to be more confident and a stronger person. Ending your life is not the solution, but sharing your thoughts is! I can’t re-iterate this enough.
Believe that there is always someone (Especially your parents) that are looking out for you. Even if someone scolds you it might be for a proper reason, and you can discuss things with them. Stand up and move forward!!
Never give up! Let us all support each other in this small world! 🙂

The pattern of thought

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~ Bear with me, this one is a bit long ~

You think the moment comes near,

You think the feeling is dear;

You think you can’t help it,

You think everything will vanish.


That’s what you think when you dream,

The feeling, the obsession pinches you much;

This pattern that emerges sucks you down,

And the person to pull you up is nowhere around.


So then what do you do in this state,

You close your eyes and see depression;

Suicidal thoughts enter that brain of yours,

And kills the creativity you once had brought.

Then comes this person to guide you now,

This family or acquaintance is always around;

This person asks you to get up on the feet,

And if you can’t, they pick you up in a beat.


They piggyback you for a while,

And you wonder whether to live or suicide;

Then you see the smile on that person’s face,

And realize, you have something to live for even in in this state.

So you feel determined and reach down for the floor,

You plant your feet and grab the person, not to roll;

You look ahead and feel more determined,

This time you leave their grip and stay bind.


However depression hits you back and you feel weak,

You feel sick and get down on your knees;

You look around and can’t see that person around,

Whats left is just tears and the heart’s sound.


You feel uneasy and want to stand,

You reach for the rails and want to get out of the sand;

But it is ever more difficult to move forward,

Your feet slips down even with so much effort.


You reach your pocket to find a motivation,

And find the moment you shared with that person;

You were still on the piggyback ride,

While that person smiled and showed you beautiful sights.


You feel determined, however this time its different,

You know there is no person and no more piggyback rides;

You push the ground first with your hand, and stand,

Then push it with your feet to claim your land.


You move ahead and look for new sights,

As beautiful as the sights that person showed you;

You start walking and then running in no time,

What’s left is to enjoy life and let yourself shine.


But along the way you find another person,

He looks the same as you were long ago;

You realize what the person who supported you did,

And hereby, you set forth to educate this new pupil.


And when you see him run, you smile,

However you are afraid he might fall;

Just like you did in your life,

But there is something that still glows.

You stood up when you were left alone,

Although it took you some time to realize;

So you feel calm, and have faith,

And long for the day he stands by himself.

– Siddarth


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Just imagine, if all countries could help each other rather than fighting each other then we could reach the best possible world. But then again, it seems just an imagination and nothing more.

And it is but a forced smile.

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He made a mistake, and was looking for help.

Here and there, he looked, as the crowd passed by –

Unmoved by life, nor moved by his problem.

He eventually stops looking and gazes down,

Thinking about his problem, What will be the appropriate solution?

Will I be able to even think of the ‘best’ solution?

He looks at the crowd again, but this time for a shorter duration,

Knowing there won’t be anyone, he looks down again.

There is no choice –

His problem is his own, with no one else to worry over.

Picking up his baggage, he strives forward,

Slowly by slowly, step by step he catches up.

Slowly by slowly he solves.

Closing in to the final moment, he fears,

Fears that he might make another mistake,

He slows down and works more carefully,

But he still solves, and forces a smile.

— Siddarth Jain