Taliban attack Afghan military base killing more than 50

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An Afghan military base, of the 209th Corps of the Afghan army near the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, was attacked by Taliban gunmen wearing Afghan military uniforms on Friday. The attack lasted several hours and targeted soldiers as they attended mosque and ate a meal.

Out of the ten attackers, two attackers blew themselves up, seven were killed and one was detained. The attack began at around 2 pm.

The US has around 8,400 troops in the country with about another 5,000 from NATO allies assisting a much larger Afghan force in the war against the Taliban and other Islamist militants. Efforts for negotiating a peace between Afghanistan and Taliban has never come through.

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This is so cowardly, wearing their army uniform and infiltrating the base. And the blowing themselves up. This is the religion they are fighting for? Such a shame. These coward/moron terrorists say that they are fighting for religion, and then kill people while they are praying/attending mosques..!

Taliban attack in Lahore

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Seven people, including five soldiers, were killed and 19 others were injured in Lahore, Pakistan when a suicide bomber blew himself at Bedian Road, targeting a private van engaged by the Lahore cantonment board that was carrying soldiers.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility of the attack. Five soldiers, the bomber and an official of the Pakistani Air Force who was passing in a motorcycle were killed.

Muhammad Usman, the driver of the van was arrested, because there was no reason for him to stop the van at that particular spot on the road, and this led the soldiers to be an easy target in a stationary van.

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Such morons, thinking they have done a great and honorable act, but instead they are just shaming their own beliefs and group.

Terrorist attack in Kabul hospital

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The Afghan special forces battled for hours against the IS terrorists, who disguised as doctors, stormed Afghanistan’s largest military hospital. The skirmish resulted in 38 people being killed, which included doctors, patients and nurses, and injuring 70 others.

A statement from Islamic State’s Amaq news agency said its fighters had attacked the hospital. The group also posted photos on social media that it said were taken by its fighters within the hospital, trying to confirm the said claim.

Three men wearing white lab coats began firing bullets after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a backdoor entrance. This bloodshed was followed by two other loud explosions – including a car bomb in the hospital’s parking lot.

Afghanistan is often under attack by Taliban as they deplorable and disgusting methods like suicide bombs and car bombs to attack people and instigate fear. However, Afghan Taliban denied and responsibility and connection with the attack, as it is known to distance itself from attacks on medical facilities.

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