Loving an object.

Isn’t it easier to love an object,
Than to love another person,
Because whatever happens,
The object won’t say a thing,
Nor would it complain for emotions,
And yet, it won’t say what’s in it’s heart,
Or what it went through during the days.

But isn’t it easier to love an object,
One which is much easier to chase,
As it doesn’t walk away from you,
Nor would it do anything to frustrate,
And yet thinking back I go realize,
That it won’t make you smile or cry,
It will be there just like you want it to.

So then why not love the object,
It will remain there forever in time,
Whether you are angry or sad,
Or you feel happiness or joy,
It will always stand their firmly,
Without blinking an eye or dropping a sweat,
Just like the senseless fool it’s supposed to be.

But then how can I love the object,
When I know that it can’t reciprocate,
Knowing full well that it can’t even try,
And help me talk out when I am annoyed,
But how would it know if I do exist,
And how would it even remember me,
After I leave this world but not the moments.

– Siddarth

What if

A strange topic given by a friend, let me try something on this.

Our minds are the main reason,
As they think the ‘what if’;
Without considering the solution,
We are stuck in this fit.

What if she doesn’t show up,
Will this date go as planned;
What if the customer doesn’t order,
Will all this effort go to waste?

From the moment you are born,
No, the moment you start thinking;
There is this ‘what if’ in our senses,
That keeps doubting without blinking.

Agreed, that what if saves you at times,
Be it fear to enter a cage of lions;
The hesitation to ask the right question,
Or the choice to pick the right shine.

But I believe the pros are less,
And what keeps the mind are cons;
So stop with all the ‘What ifs’,
And keep calm till night dawns.


What do you think?

#life #today #thinking #dreams #job #reschedule #workHarder

What do you do when you feel lost in life? When you think that what you are working on, doesn’t matter anymore, when you think that What is going on?

You calm down. Take a deep breath. And write. Write down the things you want, write down the things you want to aim for, Write down the things you are currently doing, Write down the advantages and disadvantages of what you are currently doing, and re-schedule, re-prioritize and re-adjust.

That’s the best way. You can’t just destroy what you have in a single moment, you need to think carefully. But most importantly, you need to do something that makes you closer to your ideals and dreams.

Just that kind of day. Hah.

Sunday Thoughts

#SlowDay #Sunday #thinking #life #whatisinside

However happy I feel and look from the outside, there is a inner part of me that is sad and lonely.

I wonder how to make that part lively and cheerful but I can never come to an understanding as though was is that one thing that it is missing.


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