Purpose – Waking Up

Have a purpose in your life. That is the easiest way I can define it for you. If your purpose is to enjoy, then Enjoy and celebrate, is it is to reach the top, then work harder and reach the top, if it is to help others, then trace around to help others, and if … Continue reading Purpose – Waking Up

Journal #1

This is something I am starting today, February 18th, so pardon me if I make mistakes. From what I know, people usually write about their day in their journals. Today started normal with the usual laziness to do exercise, although I am glad it was done finally. Freelectics is quite interesting, if I may say. … Continue reading Journal #1

A day of thoughts

Adam said: Going through life you realize that you have left so many things. Some emotions, time with family, a relationship, living in it's own right. You left so many things just to achieve your own dreams, to get your head wrapped around those feasible ideas that you had always thought were possible. And yet, … Continue reading A day of thoughts

A day of questions

Adam started: I am turning 24 in a week, and lately I have been thinking all day about what do I want to do in life. Things are starting to clear up (or become more complex?) as I walk through this continuous flow of life, sometimes monotonous and at times surprising. At times I find … Continue reading A day of questions

Pushing or Pushed

Is there a way to live the life, Pushing or Pushed is the choice; Human, what have you thought about it, Or you merely seek the attention of the crowd. Struggles everyday, meddle with us, Just how long do you think you can persist; After all this time, it is the same problem, Trusting others … Continue reading Pushing or Pushed

‘Enough’ effort

When you put efforts across different work, And don't have complete control on the consequence; Does it frustrate you to be so helpless, While others ask you to work and not be a nuisance. How do you tell them that you are trying, You follow a schedule doing different things; All of them are productive … Continue reading ‘Enough’ effort


What matters more is to win, To win at this game called life; To be better and wealthier, From anyone who is in sight. And they say, it's a sham, The money, the competition; If not for that then tell me, Why else did you learn? Yearning to score better, A student studies all night; … Continue reading Money-Comfort

My Salvation

Re-Thinking Life: Values

We live this wonderfully built life, That goes on every single day; As we ask for more and try, Our heart gives out a silent roar. The first thing to remember Joy, Or happiness as some might call; Be sure to never put this on risk, As it is the most important of all. Next … Continue reading Re-Thinking Life: Values