Whether it’s our parents, or the friends,We hardly show gratitude for what they do;And yet everytime a stranger helps us,We smile at them and say ‘Thank you’? Perhaps even I am such a person,And maybe, even you are too;What we could do is support each other,Living alone can only be done by few. Then again, … Continue reading Thoughts.


I remember when you were here,Never taking my eyes off you;The striking appearance of that smile,Made me love every subtle wrinkle. I remember when you were here,Both of us would manage the chores;Some of the food that you made,So bad, yet I miss it now even more. I remember when you were here,Talking about the … Continue reading Forever.

Have you ever seen?

Have you seen a person who is saved,Rescued and given a chance to live;Look at the expression in their eyes,That’s one time that humans don’t lie. Have you seen a person who is in love,Pursuing the other without a question;They seem to be blinded by the light,Yet for them, it’s the best moments in life. … Continue reading Have you ever seen?


The Office-sphere.

I want to create something new, something interesting. Something worthwhile for people as well as for my employees. But I just have this thought, that too every morning and then I can’t find a solution for that throughout the day, Aniruddh thought again today, Perhaps I am not satisfied with what I am doing currently. … Continue reading The Office-sphere.

The Denial.

There are times when I just want to be left alone. Dan thought as he typed the new article for the job given to him. There has been increasing amounts of work since the past few days, or is it just I have been feeling more tired so it seems like the work has increased. … Continue reading The Denial.


Almost everyone has this kind of day. No one wants to do anything on that day, just sit on a bed of grass and look up at the stars, relaxing and wondering just how big the universe is. But exactly how could he say that to his parents, will they understand it? Have they ever … Continue reading Emptiness.

The other half.

“Writings are just a waste of time”, the writer said, exhausted after reading a critics comments on his social fan page, “What is it that these people want? If they don’t want to read it then don’t. Who asked them to put in such awful comments?” Kim looked at her husband, he certainly looked exhausted. … Continue reading The other half.


Purpose – Waking Up

Have a purpose in your life. That is the easiest way I can define it for you. If your purpose is to enjoy, then Enjoy and celebrate, is it is to reach the top, then work harder and reach the top, if it is to help others, then trace around to help others, and if … Continue reading Purpose – Waking Up