Journal #4

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.” – Walter Dyer

February 23rd, Day 4. Today started a bit slow. I did wake up on time to go for a jog but still remained in bed. No jog, no freelectics (Need to stop this laziness). Then went to study, and scored only 50% on a test. Later got to know that I have at least 3 assignments and 3 tests next week!

At office things were slow. Why does it always get at least a day late on things that are supposed to happen? Is it because of the people or is it mismanagement? I need to fix it, so I have decided to work more closely on most of such issues and better administration/planning. At the end of the day, it is all on how you planned it.
Then while coming back home there was this guy who had literally parked his bike on the road, and was talking to another guy irrespective of the car horns; when will the people here understand these basic rule of not parking on the road…

So today was kind of slow. On the bright side, managed to finish a couple of tasks at office, so that’s good.

Journal #2

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

So today, February 20th was decent. It was no doubt better than yesterday. I woke up and went for a jog (Believe me, it can do wonders!). Then one of my customers contacted to tell that the stitching issue has been resolved, and there are only minor things needed.

Through out the day, went to college, noted the assignments pending, learned how to solve VAM & MODI method. Afterwards, office was okay. Did finish a few tasks lined up, made some corrections, though a couple of new issues arose (Seriously, every day you solve a couple of issues, only to find that there are new ones).
Probably would rate the day a 6 out of 10.

I have decided to make a schedule for the day, as well as post everyday. I really want to follow it this time. Hopefully!

What do you think?

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What do you do when you feel lost in life? When you think that what you are working on, doesn’t matter anymore, when you think that What is going on?

You calm down. Take a deep breath. And write. Write down the things you want, write down the things you want to aim for, Write down the things you are currently doing, Write down the advantages and disadvantages of what you are currently doing, and re-schedule, re-prioritize and re-adjust.

That’s the best way. You can’t just destroy what you have in a single moment, you need to think carefully. But most importantly, you need to do something that makes you closer to your ideals and dreams.

Just that kind of day. Hah.

This day

Have you ever had a day on which nothing is wrong but yet you feel sad from inside? I know that sound’s weird, but that’s how it is going on today.