It’s a burden

Have you lived a life of comfort?
Have you gone through the hardship?
For some it is a joy to live,
But for some, it is just a burden.

Have you seen people go through life?
Some walk like shadows with nothing in mind;
The others enjoy life as they should,
While the rest think it as a burden in kind.

As you go, as you live more,
You face the different phases of life;
Whether it is a prize, or a burden,
Depends on how you look it from the eye.

Starting from young, most see a burden,
First it is the books, then the exam;
Then comes the placement, and a job,
And as you grow, you think about the glam.

Later on it is the burden of money,
Or the wishful thought of wanting more;
At times it’s the money and fear,
That makes us work, not a happy lore.

Keeping a burden, is not so bad,
It let’s you focus on the things at hand;
But letting the burden overgrow on you,
Is something only in the coward’s land.

Believe in yourself, believe in the view,
All or every burden that is due;
It will someday be removed from the queue,
And all that remains will be a peaceful hue.