A day, Tuesday

It was a day that had passed,
Without a mark, without a scratch;
A day when nothing happened,
FIFA had ended, there was no match.

What to do on such a day,
It felt completely useless;
I wanted to start something new,
But I overthink everything, I confess.

I was thinking about going to gym,
Yet, again, the bed pulled me in;
And when I thought I should learn french,
Learning alone felt like a sin.

Then I wanted to box today,
But the body surrendered to comfort;
And on my way to office,
I didn’t care about oil drop on the shirt.

“It is just Tuesday”, I said,
How will I spend the week like this;
Thinking this, again and again,
I felt, for me, there was never a bliss.

The day went by, most of the time in office,
Going through the daily emails, or inspection;
And alas, it was 7, the time to leave,
At the end, today, did anything change by even a fraction.

As I reached home, I thought to myself,
What will be the topic I should write on;
And yet nothing came to mind as I wrote,
So I just put my entire day to ponder upon.

I am sure, you, who reads this is interested,
Interested to read something new, and entertaining;
I dearly hope this description was enough,
To keep your heart delighted and craving.