Is this a joke to people? Do you understand that everyone is rejoicing over people being killed, bodies being burned, bombs being exploded!

Who the enemy is is now completely out of the equation now, and India or Pakistan are finding a new way to target each other?

People, the enemy are the terrorists! Those who take innocent lives just to force there own propaganda on others! They should be the target, and India or Pakistan should both focus on eliminating this threat of Terrorism before it takes even more lives!

Both these countries were one till 1947, before the “Britishers” separated them as now most of the time they are fighting at the border.

Please understand that war will bring nothing good other than taking even more lives. Think about the soldiers of your own country! They have families too. They want to live too!

A Soldier’s battle

The soldier says, Now I am going,
From where a few return;
With a pistol and a rifle,
And above us the sun wildly burns.

As I pass through the towns,
The people’s faces are filled with doubts;
They smile and wave at each of us,
And yet those eyes cry as we head south.

Sitting at the back of the truck,

I wonder, what is yet to come;
Will it be good, will it be bad,
The hands shake while holding the gun.

As we reach, the heart stops still,

The breath is taken away by the wind;
What will happen if I die,
Let me just have a sip or a pint.

Now in the field it is rather quiet,

No guns, no bullets, just the howl;
Everyone is in position to attack,
Yet they all need strength in their bowl.

Suddenly there is a light, red in color,

It flies through the sky in inverted fashion;
We realize that the positions have been seen,
Now, do we back or start the action.

But we mount up and walk,

Firing all the bullets through those holes;
One shot here, one shot there,
Bodies fall apart, leaving just souls.

Something happened and it was black,

The sound of the battle suddenly disappeared;
I remembered the people I was with,
The team, the family with which I was paired.

Someone came to help me up,

I still couldn’t hear the noise;
It was a peaceful time for my ears,
While the scene was horror for my eyes.

Tears couldn’t be held back at such times,

Yet it’s a soldiers duty to not shed any;
Because this battle is just not for his team,
But it is for those soulless many.

Having been taking back to the camp,

I don’t know what is going out there;
But I could still say with all my heart,
I would lay down this life for the people here.

So respect a soldier when you see next,

Even though there is smile in the face;
Every heart beat they have,
They pray for the country from within.-Siddarth


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The world leaders need to understand this, war isn't the solution. The verbal dialogues/tweets between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim are only escalating the tension between the two countries. You need to think about the people of your country, how much can a war change everyone!
Also, most of the countries in the world have tensions along their border but no one dares to start any conflicts. If any one country goes to war, no one knows what will be the consequences. After all, you need only one candle to light many firecrackers.

Hence, I am sure that if you are a leader, you will have enough intelligence and understanding on how to be better at communication & negotiations. Please use that knowledge.

Pentagon to set Afghanistan troop levels

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Pentagon was granted authority by President Trump to set troop levels in Afghanistan. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis will now be directly able to adjust troop numbers. This is similar to what was done with Iraq and Syria when White House had given the Secretary of defense the authority to set troop levels.

Commanders often complained under Barack Obama, due to his firm stance on setting and monitoring troop levels by himself, which is the reason Mr. Mattis acknowledges for US still not winning in Afghanistan.

Mr. Mattis said that the new plans on Afghanistan strategy won’t be ready until mid-July, and will probably lead to the deployment of additional troops both from US and NATO. The Don’t lose strategy won’t be good enough to win this war.

On Saturday, the Taliban claimed responsibility for an insider attack in which an Afghan commando turned his weapon on American troops, killing three and wounding another.

Read the full article here

That is a nice decision, however as a President, even though you are not the decision make for troops, you need to know the basic stats and numbers since it’s your own country people that are putting their life on the line. I wish Trump does not forget that.

North Korea needs to ‘behave’

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Mike Pence, the Vice-President, told the media in the South Korean capital that they hope to achieve the denuclearisation of North Korea through peaceful means but all options were on the table indicating that President Trump is resolved to go military, if needed, as he showed during the Syrian airbase attack a week ago.

Trump commented “Gotta behave.”, when asked about what message he would like to give to the North Korean leader.

However, North Korea’s envoy to the UN, Kim In Ryong, said that the regime was preparing for any mode of war triggered by potential US military action, and said his country would respond to a missile or nuclear strike in kind.

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I wonder where will things go from here. And I wonder North Korea is willing to test yet another missile in it’s arsenal.

National Security Adviser McMaster to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

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The 10-day regional tour of Asia for National Security Adviser HR McMaster also includes Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. The use of the 22,000 pounds non-nuclear bomb by US in Afghanistan shows that the war is about to be intensified, both militarily and politically, hence, the United States wants to keep all the countries in the same page regarding the matter.

McMaster is taked with the mission to assess whether the current stalemate in the Afghan war, which is working to the advantage of the Taliban, can be broken, and if so, what needs to be done.

As of now, around 8,400 US troops have been deployed in Afghanistan.

Read the full article here.

Another war. More deaths. More killings. More post-war groups. This is just an endless cycle.

It will take 4 to 5 decades to clean up weapons in Iraq, Syria

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Due to the mines, improvised devices and other unexploded ordnance, in Iraq and Syria, spread across the region, it might take at least 40 to 50 years for the two countries to be cleared of the weapons.

Even in the post-World War II countries in Europe, sometimes unexploded ordnance is found till this day. Hence, the threats and changes of war can never be fully reversed.

Agnes Marcaillou, director of the UN Mine Action Service said that around $170 million to $180 million will be used per year to clean up the areas, and this includes a $50 million per year charge to just make Mosul safe, which is still held by Islamic State extremists. (This means, that for a total of 40 years, the cost can mount to be more than $5 billion).

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Post-War: A state of time after the war when both sides have exhausted countless weapons, lives and fortune. And the product is a broken region without a sense of purpose and the strength to survive.

Islamic State at a new all-time low.

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Children and disabled should be supported, helped, protected and treated with respect.

However, Islamic State jihadists are forcing children and disabled people into explosives-laden trucks (VBIEDs – Vehicle borne improvised explosive devices) and making them drive at Iraqi security forces in Mosul.

These disabled who might not be able to hear or walk, and children are being put in the VBEIDs, and chained to the seat. There mission is to kill as many security forces possible by blowing themselves up. However, more than half of such missions fail since their drivers veer off course and attempt to hide behind structures.

As its fighters are killed off and it loses ground, the IS group has developed new brutal ways to counter-strike, including by steering hobby drones fitted witih grenades and bombs at troops and civilians.

Read the full article here.

France rebukes Russian support for Syria, Aleppo seeking for EU help

French President Francois Hollande accused Russia of reneging on its pledges in Syria. Hollande told the reporters in Brussels that Russia doesn’t honor the commitments it makes. During the summit of EU leaders in Brussels he also expressed his concern over leaving women, men and children to suffer bombing, and being treated in an undignified manner. The regime of Bashar Assad needs to take total responsibility of the situation.

The head of the local council of Aleppo, Brita Haj Hassan, warned that about 50,000 civilians in eastern Aleppo are about to be victims of a general massacre by government soldiers. He called for EU’s help, to send some troops to monitor the evacuation of civilians. He also mentioned that around 5,000 people who are hurt are currently in need of urgent evacuation.

This evacuation is part of a cease-fire deal reached between the opposition (rebels) and the Syrian government forces, so as to provide a safe passage for the civilians to leave the war-ridden Aleppo. Till now, hundreds of civilians have been killed and thousands displaced in the Russian-backed Syrian government campaign to retake Aleppo. Read the full article here.

The Syrian rebels ask for ceasefire

In the recent events, the pressure of the Syrian army has forced the rebels to ask for a ceasefire in the city of Aleppo, Syria’s most populous city before the war. However, Syria and Russia, supporting Syria in this war, said that they won’t hold a ceasefire unless all the rebels leave Aleppo.

The ceasefire is supposed to be able to let the civilians and the wounded evacuate from the city, however there was no mention about the thousands of rebel soldier leaving the city. The Syrian army, along with the allied forces have made rapid and important gains over the rebels, especially in the last two week period, and rebels have been put under pressure. Residents told that the war is overwhelming where no one can rest for even a mere five minutes. If anyone is seen on the street, that street is soon shelled by the army. Normal civilians are struggling for food and water supplies.

The war in Syria has already killed hundreds of housands of people and has made even more number of people homeless. The refugee crisis in Syria has been the biggest yet in the world. Russia and the USA discussed on the cessation of hostilities in Aleppo, so as to make way for humanitarian aid in the region.

Wish the war ends swiftly with the least number of victims possible. Read the full article here!