Water – Health

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Whoever you are, you probably drink water? Even if it is just a few glasses. Well, Every human is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to be healthy and maintain proper circulation in the body.

Drinking warm water can be more beneficial to the health, skin and the hair! Why?

  • If you drink warm water, even better if it is with lemon and honey, after waking up, it will help to detoxify the body. Warm water increases the temperature of your body, that helps you sweat and thus releasing any toxins/impurities in your body.
  • Warm water even helps you in digestion to a great extent, as unlike cold water it does not harden the oil present in consumer food.
  • Warm water, especially with lemon and honey, also promotes metabolism and reduces weight loss!
  • Intake of warm water benefits blood circulation.
  • It also prevents premature aging and turns the skin healthier!

Additional benefit for woman:

Warm water can aid in menstrual cramps. The heat of the water calms the abdominal muscles, thus curing spasms.

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Cannot save the great barrier reef?

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Scientists have reported to the Australian government that the Great Barrier Reef cannot be saved by the plans/policies mentioned in the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan. This is mainly due to the mass bleaching events, especially due to climate change.

The AU$2 billion Reef 2050 plan was launched in March 2015, with an aim of improving the “universal value” of the world’s largest coral reef every decade leading up to 2050.

According to the latest results, the coral death in 2017 is much higher than what was predicted. That is to say, the previously estimated 22 percent death of corals has now increased to 29 percent.

It is being asked by the scientists to review the Reef 2050 plan and add measures to counter climate change, such as reducing greenhouse emissions.

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This is a disaster. Coral reefs form one of the world’s most beautiful ecosystem, attracting thousands of tourists. Not only that, it is a habitat of thousands of water species as well.

Happy Earth day!

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Happy Earth day people! Let’s take a step towards a sustainable future this day.

Do any of the following:

  • Plant a tree
  • Walk/Ride a bicycle for short distances rather than taking that short trip in a car
  • Use recycled paper, and try to print less
  • Watch/Read news online instead of on paper
  • Read an eBook instead of Paper/Hardcopy
  • Use less tissue paper
  • Don’t throw food, try to finish it or take just enough for yourself to eat
  • If possible, try converting to Solar electricity
  • Don’t throw waste outside, but in the bin
  • Use protection while having sex
  • Educate someone about Climate change and how little efforts can contribute significantly
  • Netflix and chill instead of driving to that bar/pub
  • And most of all, Ask others to do at least one of the above!

Protect others and yourself by protecting the planet 😀

Search for alien life on moon Europa

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NASA announced that it will be sending a rover to the Jupiter’s moon Europa. The mission will take place in 2020s, and will take around 6-7 years to reach the destination. NASA aims to search life on the icy moon, since scientists believe that Europa holds liquid water beneath its icy crust and oceans on Europa are twice larger than on Earth.

The rover, named Europa Clipper, will determine if Europa is habitable by checking the necessary ingredients required to live: liquid water, chemical ingredients and energy sources sufficient to enable biology.

After reaching the surface of the moon, the rover is supposed to dig 10 centimeters into the surface, and look for possibility of life, and bring at least 10 samples back to the Earth for testing and record environmental factors suitable for the next rover.

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I am so excited about the numerous missions to Mars, the Sun and now Europa. It just hows how much science is growing in our current world, and how people are so curious about things around us.