Who was it that gave you birth,
Was it a man or a mother;
I am sure you remember,
Those subtle hands as they held you nearer.

Who is the one that hears your screams,
As you cry out in the night;
Feeding you with her own self,
As you grow up in her light.

But do you think today,
We do justice with her;
Or the other woman on this earth,
Can you see them in the eye?

Frankly speaking, all they need,
Is a desire to stand on the height;
The same height you stand alone,
And support each other in this fight.

A woman works day and night,
And so does a man in the role;
And yet why is there a difference,
In the salary they get after reaching home.

A woman can be much more sincere,
More than what anyone can think;
Then why are they rarely accepted,
For top executives role, any link?

There are some who ask for empowerment,
And some fear to speak their thought;
Why can’t we all help each other,
So on equal footing, the battles are fought.

What is the right thing to do here,
How can we empower each other;
Because only after we see others as equals,
Can this world evolve, my brother.


Polygamy is not a religious practice

#India #Polygamy #Women #FundamentalRights #Equality #religion #customs

The Indian Government told the Supreme Court of India that Polygamy is not a religious practice, rather a social custom or usage which the State can interfere. Such a practice disregards the fundamental right for any women.

Historically, Polygamy prevailed across communities for several centuries including the ancient Greeks and Romans, Hindus, Jews and Zoroastrians. It had less to do with religion and more to do with social norms at the time. In fact, in the Holy Quran, practice of Polygamy in pre-Islamic society was regulated and restricted so as to treat women better.

The government also mentioned that as Polygomy is a social custom, the Article 25 in the Constitution of India does not protect it. (Article 25 refers to barring the State from interfering with someone’s religious belief.)

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This is an amazing step forward for the Indian government and for the Women living in India! 😀

Women go on strike on International Women’s day

#women #InternationalWomensDay #US #Trump #red #equality #gender

Many women in the United States stayed home, joined rallies or wore red on Wednesday to demonstrate how vital they are to the US economy. (Women make up more than 47% of the American workforce and are majorly among registered nurses, dental assistants, cashiers, accountants and pharmacists)

Women also make 55% of all college students, although an American women earns 80 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Trump tweeted that he has tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy. The first lady, Melania Trump even hosted a luncheon at the White House for 50 women.

Not only in Northern America, but in Warsaw, thousands of showed red cards and made noise with kitchenware to demand full birth control rights, respect and higher pay. In Rome, hundreds of women marched from the Colosseum to demand equal rights. In Istanbul, thousands marches despite restrictions on demonstrations imposed since last year’s failed coup. Women also held rallies in Tokyo and Madrid.

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Trump administration considering …

#Trump #USA #immigration #Mexico #women #children #HumanRights

Under a proposal being considered by the Department of Homeland Security, women and children entering USA illegally could be separated. The parents will be kept in custoday while they contest deportation or wait for asylum hearings. Whereas the children will be put under protective custody with the Department of Health and Human Services in the least restrictive setting.

Such measure might deter mothers from migrating to the USA with their children. Currently, families contesting deportation or applying for asylum are generally released from detention quickly and allowed to remain in the USA because federal appeals court ruling bars prolonged child detention. This will also help in the safety of children, who, often, are exploited, abused or killed by parents, relatives or smugglers.

About 54,000 children and their guardians were apprehended between Oct 1st, 2016 and Jan 31st, 2017, more than double the number caught over the same time period a year earlier.

Republicans in Congress argued that women are willing to risk the dangerous journey with their children because they are assured they will be quickly released from detention and given court dates set years into the future.

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