The Office-sphere.

I want to create something new, something interesting. Something worthwhile for people as well as for my employees. But I just have this thought, that too every morning and then I can’t find a solution for that throughout the day, Aniruddh thought again today, Perhaps I am not satisfied with what I am doing currently. I need change. This business, I did inherit from my father but even after working here since the past five years, I still want something more out of life.

Yet again Aniruddh got lost in thought as he was having lunch at the office canteen. He had been sitting there for an hour and none of the employees had dared to ask if something was wrong. How can they ask the Director of the company if something was wrong.

It took another thirty minutes, when Aniruddh’s phone beeped of the next To-do task for the day. He looked at the time in his phone, checked again on the wall clock, got up and hurried back to his office cabin.

Man, I don’t want to be late for the general meeting. How does it look when the Director himself is late for the meeting. And then there is the issue with Production and Maintenance team, always arguing with each other. God, will there be a time when these two will get along, Aniruddh thought as he picked up his diary and walked towards the meeting room.

As he reached, he could already realize the sounds of ‘subtle’ arguments. Maybe somethings don’t ever change, he thought and smiled, and now there will be complete silence.

And so it was, as soon as soon as he entered the room.

⁃ Siddarth

The Denial.

There are times when I just want to be left alone. Dan thought as he typed the new article for the job given to him. There has been increasing amounts of work since the past few days, or is it just I have been feeling more tired so it seems like the work has increased.

After giving it a pause, he sighed and spoke aloud, “Yes, I need to get out from this city and from people for some time. Too many people isn’t a good thing either.”

Dan went to the window and looked outside. He could look at the shining stars as well as the bustling crowd on the roads getting ready for the Friday night. He looked at people walking hand-in-hand, friends laughing with each other, women in beautiful dresses and men with beer bottles, and kept on looking for another fifteen minutes wondering how it would be if he was there as well with friends.

He was brought back to reality as the alarm on his computer went off, the fifteen minutes break was over. Woah, really? I just got up. Well whatever, as I was saying, I need to get out of this place where there are less humans so that I can think peacefully, he thought and started working on the article again.

It was a long night, and Dan enjoyed working alone, from the comfort of his home, as a freelancer.

⁃ Siddarth

Ways Apart.

“Don’t work so hard, you know. Spend some time with us as well”, Elena said on the phone hoping to sway her husband, “Sita and Lajjo are both wishing to meet you all the time but you only come home around 11 pm when both of them have gone to sleep. At least let them see you on some days and go out to have dinner or ice cream.”

“Really Elena? It’s 3 pm and you called me to speak about this? You remember we have talked about this so many times.”, said a frustrated husband, “I can’t deal with your nagging all the time, if you don’t have anything else to say then I will be cutting the call.”

Elena was started by the sudden increase in voice. She kept mum for a few seconds and spoke, “This is not right. You shouldn’t treat us like this. I also gave up my job to live with you and take care of the children, that doesn’t mean that you can disrespect us as if I am not doing anything. Everyone can make time for the family! I don’t understand what work you are doing that you can’t come home a little earlier.”

He was taken aback as he had never heard Elena sound so disappointed before. After a moment of silence, he replied, “Oh Elena. I understand how you feel. Okay I will try to come by 10 pm today. Alright?”

Elena got even more irritated after hearing that response and cried, “Are you kidding me? You know very well that both children go to sleep by 9, and you need to spend some quality time with them. You need to be home by 7 so that we can go out for dinner. If not, then I will just go alone with them.”

“Fine. Fine. I will take my leave shortly so that I can reach home by 7. Alright then See you soon”, he replied and put the phone on the table. He covered his face with his hands and took a moment to understand what had happened, then thought, “What is wrong with her. It’s been the same way since the past five years, but why now?”

He got up from his chair, took the coat from the rack, and walked towards the door. While he was heading for the door, a peon opened it and cried, “Sir there is an emergency. A patient is in a very critical state.”

The husband was perplexed. He looked at the peon, shrugged and said, “I am sorry. I need to go home. Please let another doctor know.”

The peon wanted to ask once more but the husband glared at his face and said, “Well then. Goodbye.”


Journal #17

Day 17. March 30th.

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” – Beyonce

A little better today than yesterday. Finally started the day with half an hour of meditation and then 20 minutes of Yoga. I need to add a jog to that as well. Let’s do that from the next time!

Skipped college today, and went to office. Was only able to complete only one of the three major tasks for the day, but also ended up doing a number of smaller tasks. That was the highlight of the day.

After that played a couple of games of ‘Draw It!’ on iOS. It’s a decent game, drawing the words that are mentioned while also competing with players at the same time.

Back home, went through some of the news articles (need to read them regularly to keep up with the stock market) and then read a few pages of Discipline equals freedom.

On the bright side, today was a more productive day than yesterday!

The needed trip

Veer hurled the ball-size wrapped paper on his computer monitor, which hit the screen and fell on the table. Just moments ago, the same paper was denied by his boss.

He had printed and filled the leave application due to exhaustion, and had realized in the morning that he needed to get out of the office for a while. Probably a month. Or more like a week. And now he was plain annoyed by his boss, for rejecting the leave application.

Veer got up from his seat, and walked in the direction of his boss’ office. He clenched his fists as he slowly rolled up his sleeves, first the left and then the right. He side-eyed the office, where his boss was having a discussion with a few other employees, and then walked past it to go to the restroom.

At the sink, he splashed some cold water and looked at the mirror thinking, “Again the same moment that everyone sees in the restroom of your office. Here is my old self, 10 years from now, with white hair and a new suit & tie, and the same job. The same position as now.”

Veer kept looking at the mirror for a whole minute, after which he was woken up by someone poking him on the shoulder. He looked around and gasped “Boss!?”

Trump said, “I kept calling out your minute for what felt like a decade. What is wrong with you Veer! You look tired.”

“I am sorry sir.”

“It’s okay, it is better to go back to your seat and get work done rather than standing here.”

“Yes boss. I will go.”

“One more thing. You can take the holiday from Saturday to Monday, next week. Is that okay? You know we are throat-deep in orders right now, and we need all the hands we could for the time.”

Veer looked up at his boss, his eyes made contact to Trump’s. He managed to control his emotions and replied, “of course boss. That works fine too. Thank you for thinking about me.”

Trump replied, “It’s okay Veer. I want the best for my employees. I think about you all the time.”


He corrected, “I mean all employers think about how can they make it easier for the employees to handle their job. After all, I was also in the same position at one time. So I understand.”

Veer nodded and thanked him again before leaving for his valuable seat.

He threw the ball shaped application on his desk, printed and filled a new one with the new dates, and went to his boss to get it signed thinking, “Let me get this signed right now or else he will forget later and this will all but be a dream.”

“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.” – Rosamund Pike

Journal #12

“Continuous efforts – not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

Here is Day 12. March 9th.

Today started okay, cleared up a confusion with a customer, and then had to think long for the correct product for them.

A walk around the manufacturing unit is always interesting when you reach workplace. Although there are new obstacles everyday, there are solutions as well.

Walked around quite a lot today, though it is good for the body rather than sitting at the desk, it sure is tiring as well.

Coming back home bought a new mobile for Mom. It was priceless to see how glad she was on getting it. 😊

Later watched a couple of episodes of Black Lightning on Netflix. I would say that the show is okay, could have been a little more character depth.

Journal #11

“Continuous efforts – not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

It’s the lucky number 11. March 7th.

Today was a long day, skipped exercise although did read a few pages. Then went to office (Yes, skipped college), did some work, went to check on the samples being produced, we all celebrated uncle’s birthday (I suppose that’s the advantage of family owned unit, you make such personal connections), worked a bit more.

Coming back to house, went to have dinner outside.

As you see nothing interesting, except while sleeping I did watch a bit of “The Last Witch Hunter”. The movie seemed decent. What do you think?

‘Enough’ effort

When you put efforts across different work,
And don’t have complete control on the consequence;
Does it frustrate you to be so helpless,
While others ask you to work and not be a nuisance.

How do you tell them that you are trying,
You follow a schedule doing different things;
All of them are productive in a sense,
It includes work of many, including them.

If only, there was a way to measure,
Stuck onto us, showing the effort for the day;
Will people then put such baseless arguments,
And keep the spoken insults at bay?

This world is of relationships and contracts,
Once signed, you can’t imagine getting out;
Showing itself, it’s a mark on you forever,
Even though the efforts, slowly, dry your mouth.



What matters more is to win,
To win at this game called life;
To be better and wealthier,
From anyone who is in sight.

And they say, it’s a sham,
The money, the competition;
If not for that then tell me,
Why else did you learn?

Yearning to score better,
A student studies all night;
Thinking that it will be okay,
Just after this one time.

Fast forward to the current job,
There are more sleepless nights;
Whether in sales or an entrepreneur,
Do you enjoy even a little time?

At the end, there is a regret,
Not a regret of wanting to enjoy;
But of not having achieved more,
Such is the heart without a joy.

All I ask is to think a little,
What is it that you want to do;
Is it money and promotion you want,
Or a satisfaction similar by-passing a long queue.