Everyone I see has a story,
Whether big ones or small;
Some are lost in the way of life,
And some enjoy with us all.

So I met a person, who is the latter,
While I live being the former;
A person who enjoys helping,
And one who speaks up for the right.

I would rather stay away from this,
People are an annoyance, fake shine;
But when you look at this person,
You can’t stop changing this time.

Someone who gives, and donates,
Tries his best to work all year round;
Yet more interested he is to share,
All the rewards with people around.

I wonder if that’s how it is,
Is it something I can easily do;
Because the smiles and wishes,
Always multiplies happiness by two.

Thinking this, and much more,
A little lost though with a goal;
I go around all the time, and,
Write the perfect poem for my soul.

Purpose – Waking Up

Have a purpose in your life. That is the easiest way I can define it for you.

If your purpose is to enjoy, then Enjoy and celebrate, is it is to reach the top, then work harder and reach the top, if it is to help others, then trace around to help others, and if it is to earn more money, then focus and earn money. There are so many things you can pursue and achieve in life, so start with it. Be bold!

Don’t wake up in the morning, aimless, confused about life, thinking that it is another day of work. Don’t wake with a mindset of a distraught person unsatisfied with life. You have been given the opportunity. Use it. Every single moment counts.

Get out of bed, adjust your pillow, fold that blanket, have the morning tea and get ready. For most people, the world doesn’t wait. And a minority of people force the world to wait. Which one are you?

Choose your own life, your own style, your own art and your own rhythm.

Step on it!


Reject is a word, that we always dislike,

Because we never feel like hearing it;

Whether it is at home, or at work,

Rejection is the way you feel like shit.

You see that girl, every single day,

But hesitate to ask her out;

What if she rejects you straightaway,

You always face that doubt.

You hesitate to ask for a promotion,

Or even a raise in your salary;

Even though you work hard for it,

Fear of rejection makes the heart pound.

There are so many cases of rejection,

Especially at work and at home;

People forget that things happen for a reason,

And rejection is what makes them drive.



Effort is the toughest thing,
And yet the most amazing one;
As putting effort can take your time,
But at the same time, can make you shine.

A farmer gets up early,
To put all effort in his field;
Using the right seeds or fertilizer,
And wishing for a big crop yield.

An actor goes to the sets,
Often working very late hours;
He wants the movie to be a hit,
Hoping to have a long line of cars.

An athlete starts training early,
And early to bed, they go;
They put in every effort ,
To be better than their foe.

A businessman keeps thinking,
Of ways to generate a profit;
Keeping the quality of the product,
How do you market it to be lit.

A lazy person puts all his effort,
To keep lying on the bed;
What can he do or make,
That while lying, he is even fed.

A soldier builds what he lacks,
Being vigilant all the time;
Who knows when the enemy attacks,
And when they will cross the line.

A person keeps working hard,
To earn as much as possible;
Because they have a family to feed,
They deal with any obstacle.

A writer is always wondering,
Of the possibilities of a story;
The effort is when he has to write,
All that using a paper and pen.

Everyone puts in effort,
It’s just that the ways are different;
So never undermine what others do,
Without knowing what it meant.


Respect, No?

In a country like ours,
Whom do we respect;
Do we even see how,
Or what are our behaviors effect.

We ride through the lights,
Thinking that it is “cool”;
Abusing the traffic laws,
And calling who follow it, a ‘fool’.

We spit on the roads,
Or throw the trash on it;
Not thinking that it’s our country,
And we should make it lit.

We don’t care about our police,
Or, for that matter, even our military;
Not even appreciating them as they pass,
Oh, we only criticize them as they bury.

We don’t care about our politics,
Nor for the politicians we care about;
Looking at the corruption and damages,
We gave up hope and the voice to shout.

When did we stop caring about places,
Even the places we ourselves live;
We pollute our own air and rivers,
And then comment how polluted it is.

We give way if it’s the car of a politician,
But we don’t care about an ambulance;
Because, of course, the power of politics,
Is more significant than the critical person’s glance.

We are scared to help anyone,
Leaving them to fight their own battles;
But doing such has raised the crime rate,
These wolves often catch the people, the cattle.

We have stopped respecting each other,
Or anyone in this diverse country;
We blame different religions for mistake,
But don’t even follow our own religion.

What does the future hold in a place like this,
Is it bright or this is going to get worse;
How will the people change in this country,
Will they spread happiness or will they curse?