The Unreal Boss

You are called many things,
Whether it’s CEO, Director or Boss;
You head the company,
And care about it in profit or loss.

As you step in the office first,
Greeted by most of the employees;
Smiling and greeting them back,
Even though thousands of things plague your mind.

As you go through the day and work,
You see the good and bad decisions;
Accepting the good and rejecting the bad,
You ask them to rework before finalization.

You try to look at the best of employees,
And motivate the ones who are going slow;
Creating an understanding atmosphere at work,
And making the company’s work glow.

You have lunch in your cabin,
Then get up to take a round;
Looking at what everyone is doing,
Reaching out to the helpless sound.

By the evening as everyone leaves,
You look up from your laptop;
Seeing the people wave at each other,
As you type in more about the projected drop.

As the clock strikes 9, it is finally done,
And it is time to be spent at home;
You summarize the moments of the day,
And think tomorrow’s topic in advance.