Purpose – Waking Up

Have a purpose in your life. That is the easiest way I can define it for you. If your purpose is to enjoy, then Enjoy and celebrate, is it is to reach the top, then work harder and reach the top, if it is to help others, then trace around to help others, and if … Continue reading Purpose – Waking Up

Sleep: A bliss. A need.

What is the most peaceful moment, The time when you don't think; Or rather you stay in this fantasy world, That is nothing but a passing dream. Sleep is a boon for some, And for some it makes you weak; For some it rests your body, While for others it adds to the grief. For … Continue reading Sleep: A bliss. A need.

Joseph Campbell

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Mahatma Gandhi

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Bertrand Russell

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

The fake reality

When I look in your eyes, All I can find is pride; Even though you talk about love, Why does it feel like a lie. You help the needy, Although it is rare; Is it to support them, Or just a publicity fair. Then you visit temples, To pray to the Gods; And of course … Continue reading The fake reality


Who was it that gave you birth, Was it a man or a mother; I am sure you remember, Those subtle hands as they held you nearer. Who is the one that hears your screams, As you cry out in the night; Feeding you with her own self, As you grow up in her light. … Continue reading Equals.

Everyone gets Anxious?

Every time you think about the exam, The hair on the skin stand up straight; What is this new type of stress, That suddenly grips your heart and breath. What is this feeling that you get, The moment you realize you are a dad; Is it the moment you express your joy, Or fear the … Continue reading Everyone gets Anxious?

Immortals choice

From the depths of his heart, He searched for a new life; Lying that everything will be fine, Even while his neck was on the knife. He had known the pain of death, Knew how it had taken his wife; As well as the parents who were old, And had gone to sleep with a … Continue reading Immortals choice

Political voice

What is this politics, Eating away this country; The thing that should save us, Is slowly turning us rusty. Each day is a new incident Or there is a new feed; What is that actually goes on, I doubt any person has a lead. Hundreds of debates, and speeches, And thousands of people listen; Yet … Continue reading Political voice