Has humanity really gone to tatters? Just what is wrong with this world and some of the people living here. Why can’t we appreciate other people or other animals. Why is this simple thing so hard to get through? We are in 21st century, fighting amongst ourselves, blaming each other whether for the pandemic, for the poor decision making, for inequality and more.

Why can’t we all come together and stand united? How does the color of skin matter? You learn and understand people as you talk to them, get to know them. Can you really tell what skin color or what religion the other person is while talking on the phone? No. You can’t. You talk to everyone equally, be sweet with people who talk nicely, be rude to people who are abusive.

So why can’t we do this face to face? Where does the religion or color card come in. Are you stupid?

And then the worst people are there who harm creatures that don’t even have the ability to speak. Just read the article below… I mean how can anyone do that? 😔 Incidents such as these are heart wrenching.

Fucked up news.

At the end of the day, it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to educate others. Help others. And then who don’t listen, they need to be dealt with.

Humans Evolved.

Alex told her that it will not be possible for him to come to pick her up. It was a Wednesday and he was too tired after work to drive again.

The angel was intently watching as Alex told this to Sharon, how Sharon replied with nothingness from her side and cut the call. He flew up to Sharon’s location and walked up to her.

The angel looked at the human for a minute, and then asked, “Why is it that no one wants to take that extra step nowadays? How come everything has changed so much now.”

Sharon replied, “Yes. You are right. No one wants to take that extra step. Whether it is family, friends or strangers, no one wants to walk that extra mile to help-out the other person. Why is it so? And when did the new generation become like that? The world was already getting destroyed by pollution and humans didn’t think of Mother Earth as important. But now the vicious cycle has come to a point where a human doesn’t even consider their fellowmen, their neighbors or even their family members as important.”

The angel was a little sad to hear the human’s response and replied, “Why did it come to like this? What was the reason for humans to fall in such a deep pit that they couldn’t even ask for help from other people? Does the pit block out all noises from outside or does it not let the victim’s voice reach out? Will humans become accustomed to this loneliness and just keep embracing… themselves?”

“They already are.”, said Sharon as she went her way because of the un-productive questions that the angel was asking.


Purpose – Waking Up

Have a purpose in your life. That is the easiest way I can define it for you.

If your purpose is to enjoy, then Enjoy and celebrate, is it is to reach the top, then work harder and reach the top, if it is to help others, then trace around to help others, and if it is to earn more money, then focus and earn money. There are so many things you can pursue and achieve in life, so start with it. Be bold!

Don’t wake up in the morning, aimless, confused about life, thinking that it is another day of work. Don’t wake with a mindset of a distraught person unsatisfied with life. You have been given the opportunity. Use it. Every single moment counts.

Get out of bed, adjust your pillow, fold that blanket, have the morning tea and get ready. For most people, the world doesn’t wait. And a minority of people force the world to wait. Which one are you?

Choose your own life, your own style, your own art and your own rhythm.

Step on it!

Sleep: A bliss. A need.

What is the most peaceful moment,
The time when you don’t think;
Or rather you stay in this fantasy world,
That is nothing but a passing dream.

Sleep is a boon for some,
And for some it makes you weak;
For some it rests your body,
While for others it adds to the grief.

For an athlete, sleep is recovery,
The time to grow from a day of practice;
While for a researcher, it is a need,
The time to relax so you can work again.

Some do it to relax there skin,
To have the glow for the next day;
While some do it to wave of their hunger,
As it allows you to regain some lost energy.

For soldiers it is more like a curse,
To need sleep while active on duty;
Whereas the politicians have the bigger role,
And yet, usually sleep without a worry.

Sleep is different things for different people,
The meaning of it even changes with time;
We keep on living and achieving until,
That eternal sleep brings peace to all.

-Siddarth Jain

The fake reality

When I look in your eyes,
All I can find is pride;
Even though you talk about love,
Why does it feel like a lie.

You help the needy,
Although it is rare;
Is it to support them,
Or just a publicity fair.

Then you visit temples,
To pray to the Gods;
And of course to,
Gain some religious votes.

You work so hard,
That’s what you show;
But at the end here,
You want the money flow.

There are so many,
Who are similar to you;
They talk about love,
But actually love are few.

As they criticize the road,
They blame the government;
At the same time they spit,
Right at its center.

Then they hate, and abuse,
The government and its work;
While forgetting in the process,
They were the ones who chose.

This world is filled with,
Such double faced people;
Who say something nice,
But mean to cripple.

And so, do you still think,
We are heading right;
The world, as it is now,
Won’t lead to a massive fight.



Who was it that gave you birth,
Was it a man or a mother;
I am sure you remember,
Those subtle hands as they held you nearer.

Who is the one that hears your screams,
As you cry out in the night;
Feeding you with her own self,
As you grow up in her light.

But do you think today,
We do justice with her;
Or the other woman on this earth,
Can you see them in the eye?

Frankly speaking, all they need,
Is a desire to stand on the height;
The same height you stand alone,
And support each other in this fight.

A woman works day and night,
And so does a man in the role;
And yet why is there a difference,
In the salary they get after reaching home.

A woman can be much more sincere,
More than what anyone can think;
Then why are they rarely accepted,
For top executives role, any link?

There are some who ask for empowerment,
And some fear to speak their thought;
Why can’t we all help each other,
So on equal footing, the battles are fought.

What is the right thing to do here,
How can we empower each other;
Because only after we see others as equals,
Can this world evolve, my brother.