“I have a headache mom, please get me some iced tea. I need to calm my mind.”, shouted Mori, “Or coffee should be good too. Just need something cold.”

“No Mori, you need to drink something hot if you have a headache. Why don’t you take a break and lie down for a while.”, said the Mother calmly, “I will get you some hot tea and then we both can talk and drink.”

“Mom, please just bring me what I told you. I need some iced tea and I need to finish up my work. Please.”, yelled Mori.

“Do you want hot tea or not?”, said the Mother calmly.

“Fine! Bring whatever you want to. I can get something cold later. Damn it. Just bring it quick.”, Mori yelled back.

Thank God she accepted to take the hot tea. She shouldn’t drink cold stuff when she has a headache, better to have something warm. But why is her head aching? Is everything okay? Did she eat something bad? No, No. It is probably due to the constant mobile and laptop she watches. She does all her work on it as well as play games on it. That is why it is aching. All the reason clearly points to screens. A worried Mother made made the tea, tasted it, heated it again for a few seconds, added some sugar and tasting it again. I am sure she will like this.

Mori’s voice reached again, “Mom have you finished preparing the tea? Can you bring it over to my room?”

Mother sighed a little, murmuring “This girl…” under her breath and took the two cups of tea to Mori’s room.

“So how is the tea? Is the headache better now? I am sure it is much better after drinking something warm. Isn’t it?”, Mother asked.

“I am fine, Mom. Thank you for the tea. I will just take a medicine and take a nap for 15 minutes”, replied a calmed Mori.

“Sure. That’s a good idea. Here is the medicine”, Mother took a tablet out from her pocket, “I got it for you, just in case.” Mori, on seeing that, sighed a little and smiled slightly.


Everyone gets Anxious?

Every time you think about the exam,
The hair on the skin stand up straight;
What is this new type of stress,
That suddenly grips your heart and breath.

What is this feeling that you get,
The moment you realize you are a dad;
Is it the moment you express your joy,
Or fear the thought of raising a lad.

This even happens before an event,
You lean forward and position yourself in track;
Waiting silently for the whistle to blow,
As your heart races faster than your legs could do.

The moment when a hostage is taken,
The police, the agents all breathe hard;
Thinking about what the next step should be,
Their heart and mind always stays on guard.

When you lose yourself and lest be seduced,
By this other woman, not your wife;
The heart skips a beat over what happened,
The morning right, after the previous night.

A captain gives the order for the strike,
Keeping his hand on his heart;
Asking it to calm down and watch,
As it struggles to burst from the dark.

And the man sitting in the plane,
Who has never worshiped or asked;
Suddenly prays to the Almighty,
To calm the thunder outside, that had been cast.

What is all this, this anxiety,
This feeling that possesses us;
Right at the moment, at the time,
When we need all the luck and no fuss.