Born to make mistakes.

Born to make mistakes,
Each of us live our life;
Going through the emotions of the world,
We desire for a wishful sight.

The prisoner kept in the dark place,
Now yearned for the light again;
The one mistake he had made,
Was already covered with a lonely pain.

He looked out of the cell and above,
His eyes, in all directions, shone;
Slowly rusting with the sea breeze,
Was it his heart or the iron dome.

The day he wished for finally arrived,
It was no hero or a villain for rescue;
But just the usual silent breeze,
That rusted the iron, playing its part due.

The prisoner walked out slowly,
Preparing himself for what was to come;
Lifting the frail palm above his forehead,
He gasped at the sight of none.

Where was this place without a name,
He gasped even more realizing the stench;
His eyes looked around searching for life,
And the tears rolled down, Oh they still exist!

He wondered what was better or worse,
Trying to understand the situation;
Was the hope inside the prison calming,
Or the truth viewed by the eyes – none.

He smiled at the mistake that he had made,
For which he was sentenced to prison;
Am I the only survivor now and here,
Or should I too, be gone forever.

Turning around to the familiar prison,
He looked as if it were the home;
Where their was hope and peace,
Should he go back to that iron dome?

Wish it happens.

I wish it really happens when I start,
That I can find my freedom path;
Tearing away at all the obstacles,
I can choose what I want in my cart.

I wish it really happens in love,
That I find and hold you every night ;
Because that would lighten the day,
And energize me for the next fight.

I wish it really happens in work,
That people love what they do;
As enjoying is the best productivity,
And that progresses a company too.

I wish it really happens all the time,
That we can do things for society;
While earning our share of profit,
We can help each other for free.

I wish it really happens with the new tech,
That we explore much farther than Earth;
For, to expand and grow is humans nature,
And that’s what makes living life worth.

I wish it really happens so we can acquire,
That thing that we have been searching for;
Whether it’s knowledge about the universe,
Or the deep understanding of our soul.

I wish it really happens for sure,
That these aren’t just imaginations;
That we put up with all of it and more,
I wish it really happens across nations.