Do you have the answer?

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Do you have the answer, an answer to

What is that you want? Does the answer stay,

or it wavers every-time life knocks you down,

If it wavers, you aren’t what you want to be,

If it stays, there isn’t any other place suited for thee!


Do you have the answer, an answer to

What describes you? Is the answer quick,

Or it takes time to come to your mind,

Because if it takes time then you aren’t sure,

About the kind of life you have been living up to now.


Do you have the answer, an answer to

Why is that you live? Is the answer short,

Or is it long and filled with random reasons,

Because if it is long then you don’t know,

You don’t know the reason you have been living.


Do you have an answer, an answer to

What is love? Is the answer simple,

Or you are silent for a duration,

Because if you are silent, then you know,

That you can’t really describe a feeling in mere words.



You ask yourself?

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You ask yourself, Why not today,

The mind replies, Why today,

For tomorrow is there,

And there is the day after.

You ask yourself, Why not loan him money,

The mind replies, Why should I,

It might be a bad investment,

It doesn’t matter if he is family or friend.

You ask yourself, Why not cook today,

Why should I do that, The mind replies,

There are other people who do the job,

That’s why they have restaurants, and money.

You ask yourself, Why not rest today,

The mind replies, There is no time for rest,

You want money to survive, It’s never enough,

The luxuries you have, is because of ‘money’.

You ask yourself, Why not make friends,

The mind replies, You can’t spend time with friends,

Work is so busy, And work is earning,

If you work, You can attract any person.

You ask yourself, Why not live,

The mind replies, What do you mean,

I am living right now, Its work and earn,

That is what is living, right?

And You couldn’t reply.

– Siddarth

You, who smiles; You, who lights

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In this sea full of darkness,
I find you as a ray of light;
That shines so bright in the storm,
That even the wind ceases to be might.

I close my eyes to think of you,
And the water slides past my eyes;
Is it the fear from darkness,
Or it is your warmth that makes me cry.

I believe that I will see you again,
And pass my life one day at a time;
You don’t seem to appear outside my door,
No knock, no sound comes inside.

The day has come when you seem far,
Farther than I thought you could ever be;
I can’t remember your face so bright,
That helped me out from the middle of the sea.

And suddenly there was the sound,
And suddenly the time stood still;
As I peeked through the keyhole,
I found your face so bright that it sting.

I see you now, I remember you now,
I remember the feelings from the past;
You that helped me through the storm,
That storm, I thought, had overcome me again.

But you smile and light up the place,
And I can’t take off my eyes;
For I wish to savor this moment,
And save this till the end of time.

– Siddarth


⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠#poem #relife #you #goals #smile #fall #riseUp

It’s today that I decided,
I decided to take the fall,
Let me plunge in darkness,
And let the night consume it all.

For once the sun rises tomorrow,
I will be a new person then,
A different, a diverse person,
With a new thinking, and heart of fun.

Dust thou art, and,
Unto dust shalt thou return,
The saying goes like that,
A truth has never been so f-ing sad.

For it’s the life that matters,
Not just the beginning and end,
How you live and what you gain,
Won’t ever turn to dust and go down the drain.

But I will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes,
And set in front all my wishes,
For the world had seemed so empty,
Until your smile became my goal.

– Siddarth

Past – Future

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Each one of us has a past. Some of it is good, and some is bad. And every person carries the burden of his/her past as they live. They carry the weight of the wrong decisions they made, and the warmth of the right ones. They carry the burden of the chances not taken, and carry the consequences of the chances taken. They carry the connection with others they met along the way, and they carry the loneliness when there was no one to support them.

But what you are doing right now, what you are right now – is it a sum of all those events, those experiences and those people? If that is the case, is it necessary to remember all what has passed through, or close your eyes and work in the present.

Do you want to carry on the burden or the happiness of the past and be drunk in those thoughts of the past? Or do you want to do something now and live for the moment? Of course, we might do something right now, to seek something more from it in the future, but those are all dreams and desires.

You see, the future everyone imagines, everyone craves, is a happy one and a blessed one. The past everyone has might be happy or might be sad. So look forward, towards the future, and pounce on that chance of happiness, instead of living and thinking of the past.

Well… kind of a poem

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It’s so hard, the beating of my heart,

That when I look at you, it makes me sad;

I wonder if I will reach you, with this work,

Or am I just fooling myself, dreaming about being with you.

You know it’s strange, how much I think,

Think about the work, what I can do, and about you;

It makes me smile, cry, shriek, curl up, dry,

But when I look at you, it makes me fly.

I see your eyes, filled with happiness,

Is it the hard work shining, or is it just teasing;

I will reach you, I tell that to myself,

Because I want to own that smile, and kiss those lips forever.

But life is weird, every single day,

Sometimes I breathe, other times I shake;

Full of surprises, life is,

And surely one surprise, will be you one day.