President Erdogan announces victory in Turkey’s referendum

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Erdogan had said that about 25 million people have supported his proposal which is meant to replace the parliamentary system in the country, to an all-powerful presidency and abolish the office of Prime Minister. Thousands of supporters rallied in Ankara and Istanbul in celebration.

Erdogan, who has himself survived a failed coup in July 2016, has already detained 47,000 people and suspended 120,000 people regarding the matter.

However, the Opposition party’s Kemal Kilicdaroglu (CHP) has questioned the legitimacy of the referendum as ballots which were not stamped by the Turkey’s High Electoral Board (YSK) Officials were also declared valid. Kilicdaroglu has accused Erdogan of seeking a ‘one-man regime’. However, many of the supporters in Turkey supported the ‘One-man rule’ way.

Read the full article here.

I wonder, if this will swell up into yet another war or political disaster in the future.


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