Sebastin Vettel wins Monaco Grand Prix

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Sebastin Vettel finished first at the Monaco Grand Prix, while his teammate Kimi Raikkonen finished second. This was Ferrari’s first win in Monte Carlo in 16 years.

However, as the 29-year old Vettel beamed with pleasure on the victor’s podium, his team-mate looked as if it was the last place he wanted to be.

Kimi was leading comfortably, until he was called in for an early pit-stop, which in turn handed Vettel the lead ahead. The instruction to pit came from Ferrari in a bid to under-cut the chasing pack, even though they knew that in a circuit such as the Monaco, the over-cut tactic of waiting to match a rival is regarded more successful.

Vettel’s win carried him 25 points clear of three-time champion Briton Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, who finished seventh after starting from 13th on the grid.

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Congratulations to Vettel for the victory, however that is not fair for Ferrari to stop one of their own drivers from winning, so that another driver could win the match. That’s disappointing.

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