Motivation & Addiction

I saw him rise from nothingness,
The addiction he had was inspiring;
Just how did he do that miracle,
My mind was itching to know.

His achievements brought me back to reality,
A reality that was now a dream;
I dreamt about the times I had,
Begged myself to pursue my dreams.

But, Alas something had come up,
“What was that had distracted me?”
Although my goals were different,
My addiction was to the computer screen.

Playing games day and night,
Instead of working on my goals;
That was the main difference,
Which I had from his soul.

But still body, don’t give up now!
Nor the mind is allowed to give in;
Because a dream can be achieved,
And trying again is not a sin.

Do you want to be like him,
Or do you want to be yourself;
Either way, both are hard paths,
That you must decide, get addicted to.


Credit for topic: Muskan 😉

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