A life where I can…

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All I was thinking, was about how to live,

What would be the perfect life for me to pick?

A life where you can talk to anyone,

Regardless of the position or your stature;

Since every person is unique and awesome,

And wants to share their stories and nature.

A life where you can walk down the streets,

Without any suspicions from the fellow walkers;

For this world is so chaotic at present,

That even the neighbors seem to us like robbers.

A life where you can help someone,

By using your money or your strength,

Isn’t it more beautiful to spread a smile,

Than to keep all the items in private coffers.

A life where you can eat what you want,

May it be chocolate, a sundae or a burger,

And no one has to lecture you about health,

Because eating is mainly to enjoy the flavor.

A life where you can look up at the night sky,

While there is no pollution to block the view,

You can smile and cry openly,

And let your feelings out, whether old or new.

A life where you can hold someone’s hand

And the feelings for each other are mutual,

Not holding anyone without their consent,

Just because you have been depressed or neutral.

– Siddarth Jain

(Read the Second part here!)

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